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the wilder kids: jake & eliza

I have two precious kiddos that keep me on my toes!
Jake is our cheerful, six year old that has personality for days on end. And Eliza is my spunky little two year old. She also was born with spina bifida.

NOTE: Eliza has her own little place on the web for those that like to stay updated with her progress, recent appointments, and general awesome-ness. I do keep my folks updated here, minus some of the nitty gritties. For the full spina bifida scoop, hop over to Expecting Eliza.

So are you a parent? Mom to be? Maybe you just think laughing at a silly toddler is funny or cute babies are the best medicine. Regardless of where you are in life, you'll probably find something fun here. I've added several specific categories below, so feel free to browse around!

So many of you followed along while I was pregnant with Jake. And I had so much fun taking baby bump pictures every few weeks and sharing tidbits along the way. When I was pregnant with Eliza, things were a bit more hectic, but she has some great posts in there too! Check out the baby bump section for all things pregnancy related.

I absolutely loved putting together special spaces for my kiddo. Feel free to check out Jake's sweet Hungry Caterpillar nursery, Eliza's calming white and gold nursery, and Jake's big boy explorer room!

Head over to the baby life section for monthly updates, favorite toys, and even silly posts about what keeps my babies busy their first year.

We go crazy for big themed DIY birthdays and parties.

Check out Jake's first birthday party {travel themed}
his second birthday party {train themed}
his third birthday party {construction themed}
or his fourth birthday party {race car themed}

And check out Eliza's first birthday party {ice cream sundae themed}


Still growing and learning every step of the way.  
I'm talking about the parents but hey, kids too, right? 
 Who knew being a mom and dad would be so fun! Check out kid life and watch us conquer everything from potty training to bike riding. 


Looking for creative and fun craft ideas for your kiddos? Follow along with the kids and I during Toddler Art Tuesdays and make your own mess...


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