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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

christmas plans!

Christmas is less than three weeks away!!

Unfortunately, it was Jake that revealed this crazy fact to me this morning and I prepared for yet another hectic day. How the date can possibly be December the 5th is absolutely beyond me, but I do know that the Wilders need to get their tushes in gear!

I had some rough ideas in mind as to our Christmas traditions and new ideas for the year, but making a family Christmas list is always helpful. Something about seeing things written down in front me definitely makes checking these fun activities much easier to check off. 

We've even already enjoyed some of the fun already!

The day after Thanksgiving is always Christmas Tree Day! And we have a tree farm in north Alabama that we absolutely love to visit. Thornhill Farm has animals, tractor rides, Christmas trees, and even a picturesque Santa tucked away in the woods! Our new home boosts some wonderfully high ceilings, so we snagged a ten foot fir this year! Not to easiest to decorate (it took me most of a day!) but definitely the most beautiful tree ever!

Our Christmas book advent is one of my kiddos favorite things (read more: H E R E) because they love the books and unwrapping one each night!

Next weekend begins our Christmas party season and I'm getting really excited about seeing old friends and celebrating the season! Christmas is the mostly lovely holiday because its a wonderful excuse to visit with those that you might not catch the rest of the year.

Cheers to the holiday season and cheers to enjoy some extra sweet time with your family!

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