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Thursday, October 26, 2017

a revamped kitchen design at 144

Heart of the home. Where the magic happens. Spot for the best conversations.

It's no wonder that the very first room that J.B. and I wanted to focus in our new home renovation was our kitchen. Now that we have a very open floor plan in our new digs, it's literally the traffic center of the house as well!

The original kitchen wasn't bad. Most of the changes we wanted were cosmetic, and simply altered the style from the original 2005 builder grade version into our own kind of niche. 

Here are some of the listing pictures from the previous owner...

The kitchen is a long, open room, much wider than even these picture depict. The cooking area is on one side, and a spacious breakfast area is on the other (they have a massive 5x5 table there!). The room has ten foot ceilings so the cabinets are a great wood quality and tall! Plenty of space!

But the floors are a mess. Cracked and ugly. The room itself has too many different textures and patterns going on that just don't match. Grey walls, wood cabinets, tan and grey tile backsplash. Black and brown granite counters, sandy tile floors, black and stainless appliances! It kinda of make my head spin. Hopefully, we can bring some of this together!

I started with some favorite inspiration.






Yes, yes, the neutrals again. Y'all should know by now that I'm a white kitchen gal!
After falling into so many beautiful kitchens, it was time to create my own design board for what I dreamed up.

The plan included, but was not limited to:
new floors
white cabinet paint
backsplash makeover
 updated lights
and some farmhouse decor! 

That's the plan to make this kitchen into our own.
 Pop back in for the reveal next week!

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