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Thursday, October 26, 2017

a revamped kitchen design at 144

Heart of the home. Where the magic happens. Spot for the best conversations.

It's no wonder that the very first room that J.B. and I wanted to focus in our new home renovation was our kitchen. Now that we have a very open floor plan in our new digs, it's literally the traffic center of the house as well!

The original kitchen wasn't bad. Most of the changes we wanted were cosmetic, and simply altered the style from the original 2005 builder grade version into our own kind of niche. 

Here are some of the listing pictures from the previous owner...

The kitchen is a long, open room, much wider than even these picture depict. The cooking area is on one side, and a spacious breakfast area is on the other (they have a massive 5x5 table there!). The room has ten foot ceilings so the cabinets are a great wood quality and tall! Plenty of space!

But the floors are a mess. Cracked and ugly. The room itself has too many different textures and patterns going on that just don't match. Grey walls, wood cabinets, tan and grey tile backsplash. Black and brown granite counters, sandy tile floors, black and stainless appliances! It kinda of make my head spin. Hopefully, we can bring some of this together!

I started with some favorite inspiration.






Yes, yes, the neutrals again. Y'all should know by now that I'm a white kitchen gal!
After falling into so many beautiful kitchens, it was time to create my own design board for what I dreamed up.

The plan included, but was not limited to:
new floors
white cabinet paint
backsplash makeover
 updated lights
and some farmhouse decor! 

That's the plan to make this kitchen into our own.
 Pop back in for the reveal next week!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

currently {october}

It's been so long, friends! And I think I'm finally ready to hop back into the blogging realm. This summer really has been wild and crazy (and I can't wait to share all the goodness with you!), but I'm also ready to hopefully get back to some of my roots. 

It wouldn't be a true homecoming without one of my beloved "currently" posts! Imagine we have at last put our schedules together and met at the same coffee shop for a much needed catch up! What would you share? What's new with you?

Here's what my half of the conversation might look like...

 -   S U R P R I S E D   B Y   -

We received the loveliest of surprises the day before Eliza's second birthday! I was contacted by one of our very favorite high end clothing brands called Matilda Jane! They create the most gorgeous patterns and clothing styles for babies, girls, and ladies. And they were contacting me to find out if we would be interested in traveling to Chicago the following weekend to have Eliza model for their newest line. 

Yes! It was crazy jaw dropping! To hear the full story, pop over to Expecting Eliza and read up! Amazing!

And of course, we said yes! It was a whirlwind trip to the Windy City and we had the most wonderful experience with Matilda Jane. My heart was so full with her complete acceptance there, especially after a hard season at home of family members electing to do the opposite. It was truly the reminder that we needed of how deeply incredible our gal was and that we would never back down for her well being. The idea that other little girls and their families will see my gal, with her braces, her walker, and her wheelchair, as a confident part of a nationally known brand is knock-my-socks-off awesome! I'm so proud to be this lady's mama!

Though our trip was in August, the new line just debuted at the beginning of October. I have had so.much.fun finding my gal on their varying sites, sporting the most beautiful clothes and an even more lovely smile!

Feel free to pop over Matilda Jane's website, Facebook page, or Instagram to search for our little gal!

 -  S O M E T H I N G    N E W  -

A big thing that I've been somewhat silent about on the blog until now...

We are homeschooling!

I can promise you that it was never ever ever my plan to be a homeschool mom. The idea of sending Jake to kindergarten this year actually provided me with a little relief as I try to balance Eliza's many needs and appointments. But God had a better plan.

Our boy is years ahead of what most five year olds are learning, and we've known (and been told) for quite sometime that kindergarten would be a complete miss for him. Instead, we've started second grade at home!

I definitely plan to do a follow up post on this topic specifically, as its been so a journey for us so far. But I can happily report that my kiddo is flying through curriculum, loving each day in the classroom, and generally, an overall joy to experience this with!

He was super proud of his ocean in a jar!

 -   O B S E S S E D   W I T H  - 

Our new plaaaaace!!

Y'all know the struggle I went through as we prepped, listed, and then quickly sold our beloved house at 110. It was emotional and devastating and the craziest of roller coasters. But as always, God's plan was greater (Just FYI, this is reoccurring life theme around my house. Sarah makes plans. God makes better ones.). I look around this beautiful place and am overwhelmed with thankfulness that He led us to the most perfect spot for our family!!

And with that, my creative juices are going wild! I've had an entire house to tackle, which is equal parts amazing and overwhelming. We are officially unpacked and mostly decorated. I'm tackling the big projects like light fixtures, cabinet remodels, etc, little by little and hope to have my current list completed by the end of the year.

Which means, its time to start sharing my design plans and the before and after photos here with you!! Get puuuuumped!

-   R E A D I N G   -

With all these new projects, lesson plans, and general craziness, I haven't had a lot of sit down time to relax. But I do have an Audible account and a set of headphones. I live by audio books!! Painting, driving, gardening, whatever! It all allows me to mellow out to my latest book and still soak up another world.

Since reading Secrets of A Charmed Life earlier this year, I've been devouring all of Susan Meissner's incredible historical fiction books. I can wholeheartedly recommend A Fall of Marigolds as well!
Heck, I recommend each one of these below!!

I just picked up Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. Fingers crossed for another enchanting tale!

-    L O V E D   -

If you follow along on Instagram, you'll notice that we just got back from an especially fun vacation!

Walt Disney World!

Oh boy did we have a blast! Every moment was exciting and magical for my kiddos and just experiencing that with them was something J.B. and I will never forget. Jake rode rides and hugged characters to his heart's content, and Eliza basically ran the parks like a princess herself!
I hope to take them again someday when they're older, but we are so thankful for this fun family trip! It can be hard to make room in the budget or our schedule with many of Eliza's needs, but J.B. and I felt strongly that we needed to balance some "normal" family experiences in there as well. Wowza, are we ever glad that we did! So many amazing memories made.

-   P L A N N I N G   -

Fall!! It's been a ninety to nothing summer with no breaks. I'm planning on a low key fall with all the seasonal traditions - pumpkin patch, football games, mums, camping, Halloween...

We like to do a family photo session this time of year (which I love and everyone else in the family hates). And I'm enjoying the first official decorating season in our new digs. 

I'm in such a season of thankfulness in my own heart and it seems to match perfectly with this time of the year. We've had some downsides to 2017, but more so, we've been overwhelmingly provided for by a God that knows our needs better than we do.

-   H A P P E N I N G   N O W   -

Coordinating perfectly with the Matilda Jane goodness, October is a special month around these parts because it is also Spina Bifida Awareness Month. It's a specific time to remind folks what spina bifida is, what it really looks like, how horrid the abortion rates are for this diagnosis, how joyful and fun life is for these folks, and just overall high five all the people that love and invest in our gal.

I keep a blog that's more specific to Eliza's story with spina bifida (Expecting Eliza), and I'd love for you guys to check it out! She is one amazing kiddo!

So grateful for this time to catch up with you and looking forward to hopping back into my typical rhythm!
I can't wait to share more about our new place and the always creative happenings around our neck of the woods!