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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

the new place: first glance

It's officially, officially time to share our new digs.
(Okay, so its way past time, but whatever, I just moved. All the grace, right??)

I detailed quite a bit in my last post about how we were on the search locally for a new home for our family. Eliza's mobility needs truly didn't mesh with where we lived and it was time to accommodate her fully. Though the buying and selling process was a bit trying, I'm so excited to share our new place with you by way of our actual real estate listing photos. This was our very first glance at this home as well! While it already looks dramatically different in several rooms, I wanted to show it from the beginning. So sit back and relax!

We've moved only about five minutes away from our previous home and into the loveliest of neighborhoods. I really wanted to be in an area with community vibe and was crossing all my fingers for a pool. I got one! Our neighborhood is pretty large and boasts a gigantic salt water pool, a playground, two lakes for fishing, and an active HOA with seasonal parties and tons of activities for the kids. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Our home is a one story, of course. And I immediately loved the open, welcoming feel from the foyer. My eyes started on the lovely wood floors and went all the way up to the 12 foot ceilings! Those high ceiling really do wonders for a home!

The floor plan is pretty basic. As you enter the front door, you have the office on the right and the dining room on the left (oppositely situated in this photo above).

We knew the office carpet would go and we'd change the paint color to something more light and neutral in this room. But what a great study space. I've always wanted an office with french doors!

The dining room is wide open and has the same pale grey walls as the rest of the house (holla!!). Other than an updated fixture in here, its good to go!

Coming further into the house will land you in the living room. 

I was initally perplexed by this room. The way they had their furniture set up made zero sense to me. It's a great sized room, but the two full size couches smack in the middle of it makes the room look tiny! I also have a pretty deep hatred for pocket TV's above the fireplace. I went around and around about how I'd arrange this space with all the doorways and halls coming off of it.

The long term plan here is to repaint the fireplace tile into something more current and also remove the doors above the fireplace. We might ship lap the mantle to the ceiling. I'd also like an updated chandelier. But for now, the room is great and just needed our stuff in it!

Off to the left of the living room is the kitchen and breakfast area.

I'm not going to lie... the kitchen scared me a little. Pretty wood floors in the living room were traded for old, broken tiles. The wood cabinets needed a revamp and there were so many different textures happening. J.B. reminded me that the bones were good and I smiled and nodded.

The breakfast area is huge. That table doesn't do it justice since you can't tell that the table is also massive to fit into the massive space. I loved that detail because it would just make it all the easier for Eliza to bop around!

Still farther over on this side of the house are the garage entrance, the laundry room, and the master suite.

The master was a great size and color. It just had an old and very matted carpet.

The master bathroom brought out my hives again. Back with the busted up old tile and cabinets and a rust color on the walls. But it was a great size! Two walk in closets, an enclosed toilet, jet tub, stand up shower and a double vanity. Again, bones are good. We could rework the cosmetics with a little dreaming.

If you explore back to the hub of the house, you'll find two hallways branching off the other side of the house. The front hallway takes you to two bedrooms and a shared bath.

This pink room is going to be the new playroom! A playroom! A room just for playing! Just for toys!
Everyone is pumped, y'all.  Some color on the walls and we're good to go!

The second bedroom would be Jake's. Its a decent size, though smaller than the big space he had at the old house. We snagged him a loft bed that contained a dresser and desk underneath it to maximize space. He loves it!

And finally the back corner hallway off the living room takes you to Eliza's space!

This little nook of the house was made for our girl!! The bedroom is slightly larger than the other two, which is perfect for Eliza's wheelie needs. She also has her own bathroom back here! For her to have her own exclusive bathroom, away from the bustle of the house, is totally an answer to prayer. There are a lot of complications with spina bifida that make this space really important to her privacy and I'm so thankful she'll have it here. Over time, we'll covert this bathroom into an accessible space with a roll under sink and an zero entrance shower. 

The back yard has a great patio space with both covered and uncovered areas. And the yard is basically a blank slate! The kids are so looking forward to dreaming up their new play place to parallel the old tree house.

As you can see from the listing photos, this place wasn't exactly our style from the moment we saw it. But could you see its potential? Did you see some of the big stand outs to our needs? Hardwoods in all the kid's rooms! That extra bathroom! An awesome wide open layout! We even snagged an extra room compared to the old house! And the cosmetic stuff is my jam anyway. I had idea after idea and project after project that just buzzed thru my mind. It has everything that we needed, plus it left some space for us to make our own mark on it. What more could I ask for?

And my girl... I've never seen Eliza so comfortable, so excited, to be able to go and do whatever she wants. Seeing her independence grow even in the few short weeks we've been here has made this completely worth it.  God certainly had a plan for the Wilders to find this place and thrive in it!

We've been hustling these past few weeks. Moving with small children has been quite a feat, and we've had some large upfront projects to tackle before any boxes got unpacked. But we're chugging along to make this house a home. 

I can't wait until I'm unveiling the first few rooms!

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  1. Sarah, what beautiful house house especially for Eliza! Can't wait to see how you transform it into a show piece just like your other house! I have been with you since before children.......what an amazing person and mother you are. Keep up the great work and I will be waiting for all your updates on the house and family.