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Sunday, May 7, 2017

that time I disappear because life...

It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I last popped in here on the blog. I promise I didn't become a Navy Seal or a contestant on America's Next Top Model in my absence (though I'm clearly fearfully and wonderfully made for both of those roles). 

I know you've likely been staring into your internet for hours each day, desperate to know what's up here and how I could ever forsake you. If not, feel free to just lie to me, okay?

So a sentence for each major endeavor...

  • Jake turned FIVE. Hold me please.
  • His swim party at the YMCA was the cutest. Space themed because, duh.
  • Eliza has been back and forth to Vandy approximately 3 millions times in the last few months. All the things. Procedures, clinics, equipment. Feel free to follow along at Expecting Eliza.
  • Easter was so fabulous - look how cute! Watching both my babies egg hunt outside was pretty marvelous too.
  • Our annual Spina Bifida Association Bowl-A-Thon was a raging success. And our family was the top fundraising team! Holla!!
  • We sold our house. In two weeks, y'all. I could talk forever about this alone. And I'm so emotional about it! More on this later.
  • Jake is playing soccer with the other tiny people, so cute!
  • I'm a little obsessed with Matilda Jane for Eliza. Well, secondhand MJ, because money.
  • It's officially OUTSIDE season!! Water tables, chalkboards, even a new dune buggy! I love outside play time with these two! Spring, lets never break up.


Amidst the madness, I have actually been working on some more creative things too.

New bow hangers, accessible chalkboards, design planning for a house, and even some great new prints in the shop. Stand by for some of the crafty vibes coming your way!

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