H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Friday, May 26, 2017

jersey knot bow hanger {diy tutorial}

A few months ago, one of my dear friends and I were having a chat about being boy moms and how different it is to be a girl mom. She has two rough and tumble boys and was bringing home her adoptive daughter from China in just a few weeks!

We both concurred that one of the best part was definitely... hair accessories. 

Sorry, but its true! Accessories make everything so much more fun!
So I had the opportunity to make this new girl-mom a bow hanger for her precious daughter! 

I decided it was an awesome time to try to recreate a crazy overpriced jersey knit bow hanger I've seen circulating the interwebz. I adore this design, just not the price tag that seemed to come with it. In true DIY fashion, I was able to recreate a large bow hanger for under $15.

Let's talk supplies:

 - Start with a dowel rod of some sort. I actually nabbed a thick square rod from Hobby Lobby. Paint it or leave it natural - your choice! 
 - Then snag two yards of jersey knit fabric. HL also carries this for about $7/yard. With a coupon, I got two yards for under $10. 
 - And from around the house, grab some good scissors and some sort of glue (super glue, fabric glue, Elmers - its all good!)

This process is actually crazy simple. You're going to cut your fabric into super long strips and then knot them to create the hanging effect. Yes, that's it, y'all. 
So fold that fabric in half (either way is fine) and start cutting it in 2" section from the fold on out.  

Grab a strip, shake it out, then fold in half. Lay the top 3-4" under the dowel rod.

Pull the end length of the strip through that top loop to make a slip knot.

Tighten it down.

And keep going! I started in the middle and went out, but you can start wherever!

Now to hang the whole contraption, I tied another strip to each end of the dowel rod. After knotting it, I used glue to secure the ends of the fabric so it didn't move. Keep in mind that jersey knit stretches a lot so less is more with this hanger piece.

Then you're going to trim the bottom of the strips to your shape!

The bow hanger is lightweight enough that a small nail can hold is up, but it still has a TON of room for 298347298 hair bows. Perfection!

Awesome gift idea too!! You can even load it with a few bows!

Enjoy this one!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

that time I disappear because life...

It's been a ridiculous amount of time since I last popped in here on the blog. I promise I didn't become a Navy Seal or a contestant on America's Next Top Model in my absence (though I'm clearly fearfully and wonderfully made for both of those roles). 

I know you've likely been staring into your internet for hours each day, desperate to know what's up here and how I could ever forsake you. If not, feel free to just lie to me, okay?

So a sentence for each major endeavor...

  • Jake turned FIVE. Hold me please.
  • His swim party at the YMCA was the cutest. Space themed because, duh.
  • Eliza has been back and forth to Vandy approximately 3 millions times in the last few months. All the things. Procedures, clinics, equipment. Feel free to follow along at Expecting Eliza.
  • Easter was so fabulous - look how cute! Watching both my babies egg hunt outside was pretty marvelous too.
  • Our annual Spina Bifida Association Bowl-A-Thon was a raging success. And our family was the top fundraising team! Holla!!
  • We sold our house. In two weeks, y'all. I could talk forever about this alone. And I'm so emotional about it! More on this later.
  • Jake is playing soccer with the other tiny people, so cute!
  • I'm a little obsessed with Matilda Jane for Eliza. Well, secondhand MJ, because money.
  • It's officially OUTSIDE season!! Water tables, chalkboards, even a new dune buggy! I love outside play time with these two! Spring, lets never break up.


Amidst the madness, I have actually been working on some more creative things too.

New bow hangers, accessible chalkboards, design planning for a house, and even some great new prints in the shop. Stand by for some of the crafty vibes coming your way!