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Sunday, February 5, 2017

jake's a-doh-rable valentines

It's probably no surprise at this point that I like to come up with a fun anti-candy Valentine for Jake to take to all his little preschool buddies. 

Don't misunderstand, I love candy. You don't get this hot bod by hating candy. But there is so. stinkin'. much. given out during holidays like Valentine's Day (and Halloween). Plus he's four. He doesn't have the years of sugar tolerance built up that I do. Him eating all that candy is a recipe for madness. 

So I do my thing to break up the sugar rush with a fun toy or healthier snack. This year, he picked out PlayDoh! 

I nabbed a party pack of mini PlayDohs at Target. 15 in each pack!
Read: Leftovers for us since there are only ten kids in his class. Score! 

Then I designed a little card and printed it on card  stock. I left a place for Jake to sign his own name. Because cuteness. 

Then with a dab of hot glue, I attached all the tiny tubs right onto the card stock! 

Badda bing! 

We also created a fun little surprise for his teacher. He decided to get her a little Dunkin Donut gift card for a sweet treat. How cute did this card turn out?!

I'm so pumped to have these done ahead of time!
And with a few extra days to share with you!
Go H E R E to download the PlayDoh Valentine card.
Go H E R E to download the donut card. 

Have fun with these!!

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