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Thursday, January 19, 2017

currently {january}

If we were to grab coffee together, this post is basically what I'd be bringing to the table. Outside of teething babies, planning what to do with my almost kindergartner next year, and the ongoing talk of our family searching for the perfect accessible home, these are the other tidbit you'd hear. 

So pull up a chair and warm mocha latte!

I've been on an audiobook kick lately. I've been so busy and there is exactly zero time to sit down and read a book. But if I have an audiobook on my phone, I can play it while I'm doing my three thousand errands or whatnot around the house. And surprisingly, I can fly thru books this way! Not so great for my wallet, but fantastic for my book list! 

Lately I've finished... 

All The Light We Cannot See - So wonderful! WWII historical fiction.
Secrets of a Charmed Life - Loved this one! Another WWII historical fiction novel.
Truly Madly Guilty - A typical Liane Moriarty novel with a twist. Not my favorite of hers but I saw it thru.
The Last Days of Night - A totally random choice on my end, but this book was great! More historical about the lightbulb patent lawsuit between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse (yes, I realize that makes it sound like the dullest book in history, but I promise, its great!)

Bible journaling! 

Is this something any of y'all are into? I got a journaling Bible for Christmas and had had a great time with it so far! I love spending the creative time designing a page and committing that verse to memory. 

There is so much wonderful inspiration out there!

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Interested in hearing more? I plan to do a post on this soon!

Y'all might have seen on FB or IG that my girl got her new wheelchair this week! 
So exciting that she has the opportunity to get around anywhere and everywhere!

I feel like I'm so late to this party, but...

Yes, I'm a total cliche stay-at-home-wear-my-leggings mom, but a Lularoe consultant friend of mine sent me the best ever box of clothes! It had several gift items for Eliza to grown into and some great leggings and tops for me! Since then, the introduction has blossomed into a slight LLR obsession. 
I'm a big big fan of their leggings, Irma shirts, and Cassie skirts. I just can't get past how comfortable the always are! Even to a really nice company dinner, I was able to pull off a knotted top and skirt and feel like I was in my sweats (well, minus the heels...).

 I seem to snag either the ultra plain, classic items or the crazy fun prints. Not a lot of middle ground here. Three pairs of black leggings sit in my drawer right next to UFO's, sunglasses, sandcastles and rocket ships.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, of course. And y'all know this mama loves her some sweet little Valentine's Day goodie bags! 

Because of the overload of candy, I seem to aim for a not so sweet treat to bring a little balance to the Valentine pile. Here are a few of Jake's Valentine's from years past...

{circa 2016 - original post HERE}

{circa 2015 - original post HERE}

{circa 2014 - original post HERE}

So our fourth year of school Valentines us upon us and I'm excited to come up with a fun little goodie for all of Jake's buddies!

I hope there are books to read, new obsessions to follow and fun things on the horizon for you to plan this January as well!

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