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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

farewell 2016!

There was a bit of an unintentional break from blogging this Christmas season. It wasn't planned, but sometimes life just works out that way. I spent Christmas enjoying my family though, so no regrets. 
Well, maaaaybe I would have rather been blogging when E was sick and ralphing all over everyone. Otherwise, no regrets...

And here we are! The end of 2016! 
Guys, I'm just now getting good at writing "2016" on my checks. 
Yes, I'm the only person still writing checks.

And since I'm also a sentimental oaf, I can't start misprinted the year on my important documents before seeing out the final days 2016 and celebrating the highlights.

Here on the blog, the two most popular posts of the year have both been two great DIYs:

(For what it's worth, I've built a second organizer to accompany the first. Same old wood hinged into a square frame with chicken wire in the center. Perfect for the clip hair bows!)

I'd have to say that my favorite moments on the blog are sharing my kiddos' birthday parties. Its always a huge highlight! Jake turned four this year with a race car party and Eliza marveled in her first birthday with  a sweet ice cream sundae celebration.

(for more parties and kid fun, pop over to Jake and Eliza's page)


And my print shop also had a great year!
I'm so thrilled that it hasn't been a bust!! ...Can I say that? 

The top print sales have gone to:

 Thanks for all the love and encouragement this year!
I surely do love this little space that I can call my own and my outlet to share life with you!
Cheers to 2017!

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