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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the wilder circus {halloween!}

Another year, another glorious family Halloween!!
And welcome to The Wilder Family Circus! 

We had so much fun in these costumes! 
J.B. the ring master, Jake the strongman, Sarah the tight rope walker, and Eliza the clown!

This year, we even joined our church's trunk or treat festival and created a circus tent trunk! 
(And we won a prize! Totally didn't know there were prizes! Next year, we're going for the sweep!!) 

And I will say, while the car trunk tossed in a whole new element, I think these costumes might have been my easiest to date!

The details... For J.B., I only had to order a matching set of suspenders and a bow tie. The megaphone was a party prop from Hobby Lobby!  For me, I snagged a glittery headband and a blue tutu (cheaper than DIY!) and then made myself a little no-sew cape with black fabric, some iron on ribbon and a black fastener. Jake wore girl's leggings (!!), and a cut up red t-shirt. His belt (and little shirt tie) were from a scrap of pleather with a snap in the back. The barbell is a piece of PVC with styrofoam balls on the end. We had a bit of a McGyver moment at the trunk or treat when the glue released and the whole barbell fell apart. So apparently super glue and styrofoam don't mix? Duct tape to save the day, of course! Eliza wore a little romper my mom stitched up and I added some pom poms for fun!

Only a hour of trick or treating in our neighborhood landed us with four buckets of candy! Plenty of time to come back and admire our loot. And with the kids in their Halloween jammies, I totally had flash backs to five years ago... 

Oh my stars, Halloween has officially come full circle!! And the family costume game is now six years strong! 

I hope your Halloween was equally excellent! 
Until next year! 

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