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Monday, November 21, 2016

thanksgiving place card notes {printable}

Thanksgiving week is here! My house smells like cinnamon and my mind is whirling with how I'd like decorate my house for the holiday season. 

I get to catch a break this holiday as my mom hosts our Thanksgiving feast, but Jake did volunteer to create place cards for the tablescape!

After talk about paper turkeys, drawings, and more, Jake told me he wanted to tell everyone in his family that he was thankful for them. Who am I to argue with that sweet logic? And he's so excited to be filling these out for everyone in attendance.

While I'm sure they will be especially sweet coming from my hardly literate, backwards-letter-writing preschooler, I think these cards could be a pleasant adornment from anyone. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell someone how much you love them and why. 

Interested in grabbing these simple printables? Go  H E R E  to snag a two card per page print and add a little extra sweetness to your table this year!

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