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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Oh hello there mid-November!

To say that my November has had a bit of a rocky start would be fair.
Almost every day this month, we have either spoken with, visited, or been patients of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Our gal Eliza has had a rough go of it these past few weeks with routine (but a bit anxious) testing, some sickness, and even a less than thrilling hospital stay. 
All that to say, I'm glad my girl is feeling better. But this mama is tired. And I feel like I'm already playing catch up on the season.
It'll all shake out. I'm sure of it. I will say that all this time in the hospital or on hold with the hospital or driving to and from the hospital has given me internet powers like never before. Actual accomplishments? Zero. But I wore my phone life out...


I've been doing a wee bit of stalking over at Jones Design Company. The Lex family just bought a lovely new house that's sure to come with approximately 482947 fantastic decor renovations. Emily's taste is flawless so I'm basically living vicariously thru her in this. 


Why vicariously? Well, because I've also been following the market myself. J.B. and I have known for quite awhile that our present home was not going to be suitable for a kiddo with special mobility needs. We love our house, but have come to realize that its practically the most inaccessible home ever built. Seriously, give this place an award!
Which means that in the coming months, we'll be embarking on the build/sell/maybe build journey in hopes of landing a better home for Eliza to get around in. 
So I'm also stalking the local housing market.


Thanksgiving is next week?! When did this happen? Seriously guys. 
Also next week? J.B.'s birthday.  
Cue my mad rush to be thankful for all the things and go snatch the yummiest of  bakery cakes for my man. Thankfully (< see what I did there!), J.B. isn't one to make a huge fuss out of his birthday. 
Is that a man thing or an over 30 thing?
 And since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, I can give an even greater sigh of relief. Back to my place in the online world as I've stared at these lovely tablescapes that I thankfully (

via / via / via
But usually certain things have been accomplished by Thanksgiving week. A certain amount of Christmas presents have been purchased. Plans for the holiday season have been made. My Christmas cards have been faithfully ordered from Tinyprints. Not this year.
A family photo session is in the works for this weekend, and I'm hoping for a quick turn around on the prints. Until then, Tinyprints, I'm just going to imagine our faces on your flawless designs.
A few of my favorites...

Okay, enough basking in the glow of the internet. Hopeful my sick kiddos are on the mend and we're going to be prepared to hit Thanksgiving with our fat pants at the ready!!

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