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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

silhouette status unlocked

Yes! Yes! Yes! After years and years of DIY, I suppose I'm finally adult enough to have a legit crafting tool! On a whim and taking advantage of an awesome sale price, I spent a little chunk of fun money on a Silhouette Portrait

It's the most basic model in the Silhouette family, so don't fret that I've gone high society on you. But this baby cuts vinyl, fabric and more. 

In true Sarah fashion, I [of course] picked a miserably hard project to start with. I used a Silhouette hack on my first ever cut. I designed my own cut out and retraced it all into the new software. And I picked a delicately tiny cut at that. 

Seriously guys, what's wrong with me?
So while it took me approximately 56 hours to figure this beast out and how to work around the system, my first project was a success!!

High five everyone! I'm a crafting grown up!

The details: I created the design in my better-known-to-me Adobe Illustrator and brought it over to the Silhouette software to clean up and trace into their system. Then I cut it onto freezer paper instead of an "approved" vinyl. Obviously this is pretty tedious as its intricate and sized small enough for an 18 month old's tshirt. But I got the pattern onto her shirt and had the design done in five minutes. 

Jake got a shirt too. His pattern was so much easier and faster. I'm improving!

Many of y'all know that I've done the freezer paper trick for years to place designs onto fabric (tutorial here!), but doing it without a cutting machine means you have to print the design onto the freezer paper, then hand cut everything out with an exact-o knife. Not the quickest task. So this bad boy will enable me to do that same process in a fraction of the time!   
Well, once I tame this machine...

So now I'm in search of allllll the Silhouette projects! Oh glorious options!!

 Want to know more about the design on Eliza's new shirt? Head over to Expecting Eliza to hear the story! 

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