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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

toddler art, wait no, wilder kid art!

Toddler Art Tuesday has been a true lost art lately. Maybe it's feeling a bit weird since this kiddo isn't a toddler anymore. In fact, he's basically 4 going on forty. So in the spirit of keeping it real, I think we're going to officially change the name over to Wilder Kid Art. That also gets me out of that pesky, only Tuesday business. 

Shew, now that the housekeeping is over...
I don't think it's a secret that my preschooler Jake is obsessed with all things space. Planets, rockets, stars, he loves them all! He's even been filming his own space show this week! Links at the bottom of the post!

So any craft about the solar system is in immediate shoe-in for him. And since the supplies were basically minimal, I was a happy mama with this idea. 

Keep in mind, this is a craft that can be modified! Not into space? Make some other shapes and designs! 

Solar System Suncatchers!

:: Supplies ::

Coffee filters
Magic markers 
Spray bottle 
Contact paper 

I cut out the general shapes of each of the planets myself. Jake was standing by, nitpicking over which ones looked correct. Clearly I'm raises a tiny version of my own self. 

Then I let him loose. He colored each of the planets with magic markers. Neatness definitely doesn't count on this one either since the next step gives any clean lines

Next we laid them out on a cutting board and headed outside with a spray bottle. I gently sprayed our planets. You don't want them sopping wet, but make sure that there is a layer of water on them.  
Clear as mud, no?

They dried pretty quickly, and Jake and I (ok, so just me) placed them within two sides of contact paper to ensure their survival from tiny hands.

We attached them to the window with some simple Scotch tape. He arranged them to his liking because neurotic space kid.
And now he is obsessed!

Recreate this with whatever design suits your fancy! Maybe even just some simple shapes with your favorite designs and colors!

Interested in seeing Jake's Planet Show?
Here is Episode 1 and Episode 2

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