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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

a diy personalized tote bag {tutorial}

So here was my situation...
When I'm headed out to therapies with my gal pal, my hands are full. Really full. A crazy wiggly baby, a diaper bag, a bulky gait trainer and her HKAFO braces. While my Michelle Obama arm muscles have yet to arrive, I can definitely say I am owning the patience level of a three year old amidst my awkward load. Insert mad faced emoji... 

I thought a bag for her braces might help. Then I could have two bags on my shoulder and two big items in my hands. So I searched high and low for a bag for homegirl's braces (btw, you can read more about those braces HERE!), but I came up with nada that was tall enough for them. Insert mad faces emoji again. 

So what does a mama do? A mama improvises.

I found this great tutorial and made my own tote bag. My own! I just feel completely inadequate at a sewing machine most of the time so, seriously, I'm so proud!! Obviously it needed some jazzing up so that's where this little how-to comes in. 

I decided I wanted to personalize it for her with a letter out of some cool vintage style fabric. So I nabbed a quarter of a yard and some HeatBond.

Cut out a section of each that is big enough to hold your design. Then iron them together - reverse side of the fabric sticking to the waxy side of the HeatBond. 

Flip your piece over to the HeatBond's paper side and trace your design. Make sure to do it backwards! You can draw or print out your design in transverse or even just flip the design backwards before you trace it, like I did. 

Cut out the design and peel off the HeatBond paper. There should be a glossy coat on the backside of your design.

Iron it down in place! 

You can be finished at this point. Or you can jazz it up a bit! I decided to add some hand stitching around the outside of the letter.

After making the custom bag for Eliza's braces, I decided to whip up a library book bag for each of the kids too. These bags were plain grey ones I grabbed from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks each. Adding both letters took me about ten minutes! 

Feel free to tack on a pompom, some fun ribbon, or even a tassel too! Have fun with it! 


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