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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tassel bookmark {tutorial}

You may have heard in this post that Jake and I have ventured into reading chapter books before bed. It's been a super fun experience and I love retreading some old favorites. 

Jake, never to miss and opportunity, reminds me almost every night that we need a special bookmark to hold our place. 
I may or may not have been using random magazine ordering inserts... 

So I finally took a few minutes to make him a unique bookmark just for our nighttime tale.  

I grabbed a pack of paper clips and decided to go with a really distinctive clip. These can be found in the papercrafting section of your local craft store! I also nabbed some embroidery thread. It's hard to tell from this picture, but this thread is actually an ombré turquoise. 

  I wrapped the thread around three fingers, probably 50 times or so. I used the majority of the thread in the pack. The basic rule of thumb here is that your tassel will be as thick as your wrapping. Smaller tassel? Wrap less. Thicker tassel? Wrap more. 

Next, slip your paperclip onto the thread. I had to rotate this one around thru the arrow to get it to the right spot. 

Slip the thread off your fingers. 

Grab about a ten inch section of your thread and tie it tightly around the top of your bundle. 

The wrap the ends around the same spot a few times and tie off again. 

Now for the scissors! 
Trim the edges of your tie strings. 
Cut the loops at the bottom of your tassel. 
And trim your tassel to the length you're wanting. 

And done! 

You can slide these into any side of the book. Or even more than a book. What about marking the date on a planner or date book! What about a fun extra add on when you give the gift of a book!

Jake was so excited about his new bookmark! And I've convinced myself to make a few more with the extra clips in my pack! 

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