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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

read thru my pain and earn yourself a free printable!

This past weekend was not my favorite. 

There was a leak. A nasty one. One with mold. And the busting up of walls and floors and such. 

Like I said, not my favorite. 

When we discovered that a pipe connected to our master shower was leaking down into the first story of the house, it was just a few days before Eliza's birthday party. After the plumbers told us what the repair would entail, J.B. and I elected to simply use another shower for a few days and call the plumbers back out after we had hosted all our friends and family for her birthday. 

But luck prevailed! Although this leak has been a complete pain the tush, we caught quite a few breaks while repairing the damage. What initally looked like an extremely costly repair, has ended up being more doable than we anticipated.
The best part though? I got a prize too. One of the gutted areas was my laundry space, an area that I'd been dying to touch up, but couldn't justify spending the money on. But the leak made it happen. Woohoo!! So my laundry space got a fresh coat of paint on the walls, some nice cabinet space and a lovely little restyle. I'll take it!!

It's tiny, poorly lit and basically impossible to take a respectable picture of. But it now looks cute enough that I might actually enjoy doing some laundry. Okay. not really. But I enjoy the space!

And guess who else gets a prize here? You! Since you sat thru my entire whiney post about plumbers and leaks, I suppose the least I could do would be to share my newly designed laundry printable with you!

Snag the 8x10 printable HERE!
Snag the 11x14 printable HERE!
Snag the 16x20 printable HERE!

My laundry room is now done and you got a free printable.
Seems like a pretty solid day to me! Happy Thursday, friends!

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