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Thursday, July 14, 2016

coffee chat 2.0

Talk to me strangers!! I've been gone for a hot minute and I feel so behind. Tell me all the things!


Have you been on vacation this summer? You might have noticed from my IG feed, but we snuck off to Panama City Beach over the holiday weekend. My sweet babies love the beach! 
(it's genetic)

What is it about the ocean waves that just seem to make everything better? And gosh, what a beautiful way to witness what a big, wonderful world we have!


Our latest project right now is a bit of a revamp outside. Our backyard is absolutely lovely. Private. Giant mature trees. So much perfect shade. So we're finally adding some pizazz to our back porch.
On the list of hopefuls is a wall arbor, a new industrial table and some string lights. 

Wish us luck!


I've been mildly obsessed with the sunburst quilt pattern since the first time I rabbit-holed my way to an image on Etsy. I wanted it. Alas, I am no quilter.

Thankfully, my mom is a pretty epic one. After picking out some fun yellow patterns, she was able to make this beautiful quilt for Eliza! Isn't it amazing?!


Speaking of that sweet baby of mine - she's 11 months old now. WHAT?! Time is killing me.
She's so busy and sweet that I can hardly stand it. Just this month she's made some great advances in the crawling department and next week she'll be fit for her first set of HKAFO braces (Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthodontics)! I'm so excited about the things she'll get to do with these leg braces!

I'm approximately neck deep in birthday party planning for next month. It's intense guys.
Prepare yourselves for the sweetest little lady's celebration you ever did see.


Have you seen enough pictures of my kids yet? Haha! The last few weeks have been busy with family time and birthday party projects so hopefully I'll get back into the full swing of blogging soon!

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