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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

braided pacifier clip {tutorial}

Pacifier clips are a mandatory baby item around here. 
And they've also always been on the "easier to buy" list in regards to a project I might do myself.

But when Eliza had broken two clips last week and not a single local store carried a decent clip (read: any that weren't a total eyesore), I had to improvise.

And can I just say that I love how these turned out!!
They turned out to be a quick, cheap project after all. Win!


 - jersey knit fabric (1/4 of a yard makes about four clips!)
 - fabric adhesive
 - metal pacifier/suspender clip
 - clipboard (optional)

When you're searching for or purchasing fabric for these clips, make sure you have the full length of the fabric. Most fabric off the bolt is between 45-60 inches. Also on the top of fabrics... be conscious about prints. See which way the jersey edges roll. If the fabric rolls in on the print, you won't see it in the braid. For example, the white braided clip pictured below actually has a pretty gold polka dot print on it. But since the fabric rolls in over the print pattern, that's clearly lost in this project. Just something to think about...

Start by cutting a long 2" strip of  the full length your fabric. Just eyeball it. The wonderful thing about jersey knit is that it doesn't fray and the edges roll up. So you don't have to worry about being exact with this one.
 This strip will make one pacifier clip. So a fourth of a yard should allow for four long strips and an eighth should allow for two! Most jersey knit is around $6-$7 a yard. That translates into less than fifty cents each!

Once you have your long strip of fabric, fold it in half and find the center. Cut the strip in half.

Fold one of the strips in half again, grab your clipboard and pin the center fold underneath the clip.

As I was experimenting with making these, I couldn't find a clipboard around the house to save my life. I ended up using a sturdy chip clip and fastening the center of the strip to a caddy box in the middle of my kitchen table. The point is to secure it so you can pull and braid it. Just do what works.

Grab your other piece of fabric and slide it behind the clipped piece. Pull the two ends down and around to cross between the ends of the clipped piece. 
Ugh, that sounds confusing. See the picture, y'all. 

No I'm no braiding expert (confession: I can't even French braid!), but the fishtail braid is really as simple as the basic braid, just with one extra section. But the girl that can't even French braid picked it up in 30 seconds so don't freak out. 

It's basically:
 - Outside left strand over the one closest to it. 
 - Outside right strand over the one closest to it.
 - Then cross the two middle strands.
 - Repeat. 

Grab a video like this one and you get the added benefit of a DIY project and a new hairstyle. You're welcome.

Once the braid is as long as you'd like it to be, string the metal clip onto the braid. 

Fold the braid back up over the metal bar. Then find the longest fabric strand. You want to use this strand to wrap tightly around the base of the folded braid, holding everything in place. 

Secure the wrapped piece with some fabric adhesive. To be honest, superglue worked the best and the quickest. I wrapped tightly a few times, then put a dab of it on the back side of the braid, then wrapped twice more. 
If you're using an adhesive that takes longer to dry or you're just impatient and don't want to stand there holding this thing for a few minutes, grab a chip clip and clip right over the area. Walk away for a bit to make sure it has plenty of time to dry

Finally, come back and trim off your strands! I start with the three folded up, then move over to the wrapped piece.


I decided to make a few different colors because accessories! I love the stretch of the jersey knit. Eliza is definitely one to pull on and chew all over her paci clips so these have worked out pretty nicely!

Friday, July 22, 2016

I am a craft mom.

Something you probably know: 

I am a craft mom.

Something you might not know: 

Being a craft mom really stinks sometimes. 

True story, guys. Think about it. You know those moms that decorate for every single stinkin' holiday. Or the ones that make their own Christmas stockings. Their birthday parties are detailed beyond measure and the goodies bags never contain any of that plastic crap that looks sad enough to even be discounted as a happy meal toy.
The moms that make coasters out of rope. Or that create design boards for room makeovers. The moms that prep the end of the year classroom gifts with hand labels tags and would never consider a store bought Valentine.

You know those moms. And so do I. Because I am that mom.  

 Other moms talk about how they are done making their kids’ lives magical and I'm over here making seasonal kids' to do lists and planning birthday party themes for children I haven't even given birth to.

 Other folks talk about how “Pinterest Mommies” are making the rest of the moms feel bad, and I'm just over here making tissue paper garlands for baby showers, door hangers for hospital stays and home cooked meals for new mamas. 

Other moms talk about the judgement they feel, I'm whipping up tutorials and say "you can do this!".

Because here's the thing: I love this. I love the planning and the executing. I love the ridiculous craft supply closet. I love the endless list of potential DIYs. I love the smell of hot glue and putting washi tape on everything. It's my thing! And I'm tired of feeling bad about it. 

You have things too. Maybe you are stellar at keeping up your cleaning eating or meal prep. Maybe you are a fitness diva or a marathon runner. Maybe you're spoiling your puppies or crushing your reading list. Maybe you're setting bones or diagnosing earaches. Maybe you're managing corporate deals or busting it for that big promotion. 

We all have things. You have your thing and I have mine. And while I'm not going to scoff at your six pack, your ten day meal plan, or your big bonus check, you don't need to feel intimidated by my cupcakes, decor design boards, or hand crafted stationary. 

See, it sounds silly now, doesn't it

I'm not a better mom, and I'm not a show off mom. I'm just a mom, doing my thing. I want you to do the same. 

You know what they say: "You don't have to blow out someone else's citronella mason jar to make yours burn brighter."  

 Ok, so maybe they don't word it quite like that. But you guys get my drift.

Look around, y'all! The world needs us all to shine brightly.
Which means this little light is off to make some jersey knit pacifier clips.  

A craft mom 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

coffee chat 2.0

Talk to me strangers!! I've been gone for a hot minute and I feel so behind. Tell me all the things!


Have you been on vacation this summer? You might have noticed from my IG feed, but we snuck off to Panama City Beach over the holiday weekend. My sweet babies love the beach! 
(it's genetic)

What is it about the ocean waves that just seem to make everything better? And gosh, what a beautiful way to witness what a big, wonderful world we have!


Our latest project right now is a bit of a revamp outside. Our backyard is absolutely lovely. Private. Giant mature trees. So much perfect shade. So we're finally adding some pizazz to our back porch.
On the list of hopefuls is a wall arbor, a new industrial table and some string lights. 

Wish us luck!


I've been mildly obsessed with the sunburst quilt pattern since the first time I rabbit-holed my way to an image on Etsy. I wanted it. Alas, I am no quilter.

Thankfully, my mom is a pretty epic one. After picking out some fun yellow patterns, she was able to make this beautiful quilt for Eliza! Isn't it amazing?!


Speaking of that sweet baby of mine - she's 11 months old now. WHAT?! Time is killing me.
She's so busy and sweet that I can hardly stand it. Just this month she's made some great advances in the crawling department and next week she'll be fit for her first set of HKAFO braces (Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthodontics)! I'm so excited about the things she'll get to do with these leg braces!

I'm approximately neck deep in birthday party planning for next month. It's intense guys.
Prepare yourselves for the sweetest little lady's celebration you ever did see.


Have you seen enough pictures of my kids yet? Haha! The last few weeks have been busy with family time and birthday party projects so hopefully I'll get back into the full swing of blogging soon!