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Thursday, June 16, 2016

the weekend list

The weeks are busy. I'm at home with two rascals and I'm always attempting to keep them in some sort of routine. School, therapies, play dates, house work, crafts - we stay busy! Just the way I like it. 

But typically on the weekends, we slow down. We catch up. True of most families, I'd think. 
So it makes sense that during the slight chaos of Monday thru Friday, my mental list begins, especially for J.B.. 

"That's the third light bulb I've seen out. I wonder if J.B. can do a sweep and change all the duds." 
"Okay seriously, when was the last time the air filters were changed?" 
"Must. Straighten. Up. Garage. Or I will soon get lost and die out here." 

And the end of each of those thoughts is "I'll totally do that this weekend". Seems good, no? Until the weekend comes (with sleep!) and my memory is suddenly wiped clean of all thoughts. It's magic. 

I guess magic is great until you find yourself in a dark house because you never actually changed all those light bulbs that burned out. Or lost in your own garage. 
I jest. A little. 

So here to save the day is my oh-so-official weekend list. Yes, lists save the day. At least, for those of us with mommy brain. Buy this. Do that. Don't forget. It's a lifeline, y'all.

When I made this daily organizational sheet, it helped me tremendously on getting my day together. Why not apply the same logic to the weekend?

Now with my weekend sidekick, I'm virtually unstoppable. No filter is safe. No light bulb dares to flicker. 

I'm a list addict. And a notepad hoarder. A DIY only adds to the obsession. Seriously, find your weakness and make your own notepads! It's cheap, easy and fun! Just grab a 5x7 pack of card stock and head over to the tutorial.
So for those that want to unite with me against messy garages everywhere, here's the printable!

For the full tutorial on how to create one of these divine wonders, see my post about the daily organization notepad

And Godspeed, weekend warrior! 

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