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Friday, June 10, 2016

my very own church pew

I love old church pews. 
Who doesn't right?

While I don't necessarily want to be sitting on one for very long, the elegance and charm of those long wooden pews seems so perfectly perfect. 

So when I started hashing out my plan to revamp our landing at the top of the stairs, I lingered on the idea of a pew. I even came across a local lady selling some out of an old church building. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to grab one of the oh-so-coveted pews (and I learned just how popular they are!) so I eventually moved on to plan B. One that I know well...

Make my own.

Now in this case I use the phrase lightly because the "making" portion was really my fabulous craftsman younger brother. I found these plans and got all pointed and opinionated and waa laa! A pew was created! 
Creativity runs in the family! 

My brother delivered it to me unfinished so I could do my own thing with the stain.
Ultimately, I decided on Minwax's "Providential" and then did a very light dry brush of some grey chalk paint. Just enough to give it a look with some age and depth. 

And since I'm in a hallway with almost zip natural light, I completely feel like these pictures don't do it justice! Especially in regards to size - this sucker is over six feet long!! As you can imagine, hauling it upstairs to the landing took two people. But I'm so happy with how it fits in the space! 

Once my pew was in, I started work on a simple shelf to hang above it. Seriously simple, guys. This bulky thing was made out of just three pieces of wood! 

Finally this sucker was secure, and I got to style the space!

(Print available for download in the print shop!)

My newly added W wall is opposite this space at the top of the stairs.
Now this area feels so refreshed! I'd love to add a sliding barn door over to super blah entrance to the master suite, but that will be a project done much farther down the road.

So happy with how things turned out! And the best part? This was all practically free! I sold the small console table and large mirror that were once sitting here to pay for the pew materials. We made the shelf with supplies we had on hand and I was able to style the space with items from my [ridiculously overflowing] decor stash. The best kind of project!


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  2. do you have building plans for the bench?

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