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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

kids' pop art!

Father's Day is always a fun time to get creative with gifts from the kiddos. And this year, Jake and I experimented with something new!

Pop art!

This is a great, simple way to create some personalized art for anyone!
You'll need: access to a printer/scanner/copier, a personal photo

Start with a favorite picture of yours. I'd suggest trying to choose one that is a full profile or straight on so that the pop art image doesn't look crazy.
I printed my own photo and sized the portion I wanted to fit on a standard 8x10 page. To save on ink, I also printed it in black and white, and cut out everything I didn't care about. 

Next, slide your photo into a plastic page protector.

Grab a sharpie and trace around the important outlines of the photo. While you want to capture the photo, don't get too complicated with this. Just trace the most basic lines.

Once you're satisfied with the image on the sheet protector, take out the photo and replace it with a blank white sheet of paper. Now you can place it onto your scanner and make a copy of the image. I made several copies, in fact!

Now color the page! Jake tried a few with crayons and we eventually landed on watercolors! 
The finish product turned out great!! Jake did such a great painting!

I can't wait to try this again. Maybe with a picture of the whole family? A photo of your house? Limitless possibilities!

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