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Friday, June 3, 2016

coffee chat!

Have you ever had one of those catch-up coffee dates with a friend where you dash in [late]
and collapse in the chair [without much grace]?
You take the biggest of big breaths [shew!]
And finally... "Hey! Hi! I'm here! What's new with you?"
That's me, y'all. Complete with messy hair, comfy shorts and a tshirt, and the largest iced mocha ever made.
 So grab your cup of choice and we'll catch up.

We've been going 90 to nothing lately. It seems like appointments for Eliza come in big bunches, so when we hit those few days, we just hang on for dear life. She's also really getting into the swing of a lot of therapy appointments. We have an Early Intervention physical therapist that comes to our home, a physical therapist that we visit in office, and a newly added aquatic therapist. It sounds like [and is!] a lot, but its also paying off! Little Bit is doing so well!


Jake is also officially out of school and home for the summer. I'm pretty pumped about it, to be honest. Hopefully this makes a bit more time for trips to the museums, botanical gardens, library and more! He's crazy into space at the moment [understatement of the summer} and we spent Memorial Day at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.


For a hot minute, I started myself a bit of a bow making business! I had nabbed some bias tape and nylon for Eliza and asked around if anyone else wanted some. Approximately 300 bows later, I was happily drowning in bias. Who knew??



I've been pretend house hunting. 
Pretend because we're really not ready to move or purchase a new home [Husband is in the middle of a transition with work]. But we know that it's coming. Our current home is a two story with close knit hallways and rooms. I love it, but its the complete opposite of what a special needs kiddo with accessibility issues needs. 

But the idea of finding a new place is still sort of exciting!

Currently loving this one!!


Time to start planning for Eliza's first birthday! Can you believe it?! I can't deal. 
But I'm consoling myself with decorations and pretty things.
Our theme? Ice cream sundae party!


Okay, I’ve talked your ear off. I’ll let you get back to business.
[Is there anything else you want to chat about? Let me know in the comments!]

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