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Thursday, May 5, 2016

the W wall

The long awaited W wall is finally complete!!

{It's a funky shaped space with no natural light of its own and weirdly impossible to photograph, so bear with my photos and use your own imagination to add any necessary awesomeness}

Considering that I've been collecting these letters for a matter of years, can I just breathe a huge sigh of relief that this is up on the wall in the second story landing. And its looking so great!

Many of the W's are actual shaped letters, but others are a collection of frames with a simple W inside.

Like on scrapbook paper...

Or a chalkboard W...

A couple were mini projects, like the wood burning W...

Or the mini pallet W...

I think my favorites might be this antiqued W that my friend Erin made for me (tea staining!) and the mirrored W. 

I'm not sure if letter bias exists, but feel like 'W' is a great gallery wall letter! 

I'm so excited to be revamping this wacky little landing!
 Hang tight to see how the other side of the landing gets made over. Three words, folks: custom church pew!

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