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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

a garden gift

My mom is a pretty avid gardener. 
{That's probably putting it mildly.}

And I'm a pretty avid crafter. 
{Again, understated.}

So what better idea for Mother's Day than to craft up something fun for her garden?!

I had a great time creating this watering can!
It's a standard metal can hanging on a decorative stake hanger. But what makes it extra fun are the glass beads draping out of the spout.

I used beading wire to thread through the water holes in the can. A small bead on the inside holds the wire in place, then I filled the strand with glass beads before wrapping it around the end bead. 

It looks awesome in the sunlight! The beads reflect like a ton of prisms! 

More funky junk for Mom's garden and hopefully a great Mother's Day gift! 

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