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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

typography gallery walls


Does everyone else collect some kind of random item? I feel like this is a thing. Or maybe I've just watched entirely too many episodes of American Picker. Also could be that I'm trying to justify this to myself. Whatever guys - there's no stopping me. 

So confession: I collect W's. 

As in the letter. As in the first letter of our last name.

See, not so weird right? We've ended up with quite a plethora around the house, included the downstairs bathroom that has been decked out with quite a few. 

It started as a simple enough, "Oh that's a cute little letter! And its the same as our last name! Let me grab that!" and morphed into "GIVE ME ALL THE 'W'S!"

Probably ever since I saw this over at Jones Design Company... 


Emily Lex's 'L' Wall is swoon worthy. 

Recently I've made my letter hoarding a bit more intentional as I plan to create a 'W' wall of my own. Remember that weird landing we have at the top of the stairs on the second floor? It's getting a little facelift! Nothing fancy, but an 'W' definitely fits the bill. 

So as I start dreaming up my new plans for this little space, join in and check out a few of my favorite letter gallery wall spaces!






So go forth! Buy all the letters!! 

I'm headed out on a girls trip this weekend where I'll finally get to take a deep breath and do some fun planning and designing. Look for my W wall next week!


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