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Thursday, April 14, 2016

jake's first allowance

My four year old has been asking for a couple of months for his own little jobs to do. Yes! Asking! So like any sane parent, I had to immediately capitalize on this idea before he changed his mind and decided that zero responsibility was the way to go. 

It was a little harder than I anticipated to come up with independent tasks for Jake to do since he's only four, but I eventually decided on a few that he could do without much assistance. 

I created a chore chart, listing each of the jobs and the days of the week to be done. 

1. "bring in blue bin" - The "blue bin" is from our recycling, which does pick up on Tuesdays. He has to grab it off the curb and bring it back into the garage. 

2. "clean your room" - self explanatory and I felt like straightening up every other day was pretty manageable. We have lots of baskets and storage areas so its mostly a sorting game.

3. "put away clothes" - refers to when he's changing out of pajamas in the morning or getting ready for his bath at night. Shoes go in his shoe drawer and dirty clothes in the laundry bin. 

4. "brush teeth" - obvious, no? Though he does get a little help from J.B. and I

5. "special helper job" - This can really be just about anything that J.B. and I choose. Sometimes it's helping out with Eliza, sometimes it's doing something around the house for us, and sometimes is just great behavior. I like having an open ended option and some positive reinforcement.

I think one of the most important aspects to chores and allowances is that a kiddo understands his/her role. We explained to Jake that we expect these chores to be done simply because he is a member of our family and we all work together to keep things going. 
But great behavior and doing these tasks without much prodding means that he can also earn some spending money at the same time. 

So far he's been really excited about about following along with his chore chart. When he gets his allowance on Sundays, we get to talk about how we give at least 10% of what we earn back to God. To me, this is another great reason to let him begin earning money. Not only does he learn about hard work, but he gets to learn about tithing and how to follow God's commands about money! Double win.

Now I just have to keep a small stash of coins and dollar bills on hand...

So have you guys ever offered an earned allowance? 
Created your own chore chart? How did it go? 

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