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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

currently {april}

April. Ya'll, it's April. 

I can't even ask where March went because I know full well. It went to wedding weekends and adoption fundraisers. It went to mega consignments sales and a tiny baby's therapies. It went to spring break and kiddo's birthdays. It went to race car parties and it went to Easter.
Man, it went. I feel the need to sit down just thinking about it...

March was fun, but exhausting. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pretty stoked for a more relaxing month. Thanks for being patient with me and with the blog. I promised myself this year that I wouldn't feel pressured about posting when life got a little crazy. 

So what's new?? Here's the latest...

It should go without saying that I fell off the wagon a bit in March. Reading definitely didn't happen. But I hope to catch up in April. So still at the top of the list is The Plum Tree. And I'm adding in Big, Little Lies for my April pick! Do you have reviews on these? Let me know!

It's no secret that spring is my favorite season of the year. Everything blooming and greening up after winter is just cathartic to me. Planting new flower pots, eating meals out on the porch, and letting the kids go out and swing in the backyard after dinner are all things that sound like sheer perfection to me. 
(I would like to take this opportunity to pass on the pollen, excessive rain, and tree seeds...)

Plus spring cleaning, gives me a great excuse to tidy up some of the scarier closets in the house, purge old toys. 
(Yes, I do realize that this is not everyone's dream come true, but y'all know how I love to tiny up clutter. It's better than chocolate. Just go with it.)
 All the items get thrown together into an always successful yard sale!
And it gets better! Yard sale money then goes into our "FUNd" jar and we can use it for fun family days - the botanical gardens, picnic lunches, sno cones, zoo trips, kite flying. 
Spring, I love you!! So glad you're back!

March Madness (in reference to our way of life last month, not the basketball tournament) came with a fun new adventure that our little family is embarking on. We got involved with the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama and created a team for one of their yearly fundraisers! This association does some amazing things for kiddos like Eliza, with spina bifida. And they provide some really awesome local support for families! A year ago, we had just found out about Eliza's diagnosis, and it seemed perfectly fitting that we use this anniversary of sorts as an opportunity to continue to show spina bifida who's boss. 
Each year, the Spina Bifida Association hosts a couple of Bowl-A-Thon throughout the state as an avenue to raise awareness and funds. As a team, we were able to tell people about more about spina bifida and accept donations in Eliza's name. Last weekend, the bowling event was held for all of the teams, families, advocates, vendors, etc etc in the local spina bifida community. Why bowling? Because its something that we all can do, whether you're perfectly mobile, confined to a wheelchair or somewhere in between. 
We got to meet several new families in our area with kiddos like ours, put faces with the names of the association coordinators that had become our friends from afar, and personally raise over $2000! Our first go at this was definitely a success! I'm super excited about getting involved with this great group!

{Read more about our Bowl-A-Thon adventure over at Expecting Eliza!}

Ohhh, this is a fun one! My first girls trip post-kids!!
A girlfriend of mine has invited a few gals to the beach with her! 

Full disclosure, the introverted hermit in me is equal parts excited and anxious...
Excited because I already love spending time with several of these ladies, and the others are a few that I'm so anxious to get to know! They push me to excel in life and in my relationship with Christ. And they are crazy fun. Plus, the beach, y'all. And no one calling me "momma" for four days!
Anxious because no one will be calling me "momma" for four days. I have yet to spend the night away from Eliza and a part from when his sister was born, I haven't spent more than a night or two away from Jake. As a stay-at-home mom that's used to having my babies with me every second of every day, its both a scary and much needed time away.

A kid with an allowance. 
(I know, how are we there yet??)

This is definitely uncharted waters for J.B. and I, but Jake has been randomly helping around the house and asking for jobs to do. He is excited about the idea of his own responsibilities, so I guess we're just capitalizing on his excitement! 
My plan is to sit down this week and make a specific chore chart for him, talk about why we each do chore, and what J.B. and I expect. From there, we'll just see how it goes! I'll be sure to update you guys soon. 

That's the latest!

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