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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

queen of the hair bows

I know I had a few of you laughing at this post when you saw my over excess of hair bows and head bands. Who would have thought that I would be that mom?

When I first started taking Eliza's monthly pictures, I used whatever white hair bow I had on hand that fit her. After a couple of months, a different hair bow accidentally became a thing...

So now I have to come up with a few more white head bands to finish out the year. 
(Not a problem, guys.)

But I do get asked a lot about Eliza's sweet accessories - if I make them and where I get them. 
 So today I've decided to spill my secrets!

When Eliza was a newborn, baby head bands were too big for her itty bitty head. I also had to be sort of particular about what I put near her shunt area, which was still healing from surgery. I solved this problem with the tiniest of all tiny bows.

I nabbed several colors of these small ribbon bows in the scrapbook section. Yup, at the craft store. You can stick them directly on like I did on her one month photo (petroleum jelly or toothpaste are the old tricks of the trade) or add them to a super soft headband like I did in month two. My favorite headband material was panty hose! Crazy stretchy but still incredible soft. This is a super easy thing for anyone to craft up because all you need is a glue gun!

As time went on, I was less worried about her shunt site healing. Her little noggin was also finally big enough for some of the sweet headbands I had ordered!

Affectionately called her "Aunt Jemima" head bands, the jersey knit bows are some of my favorites. A simple knot (like month 3) or even a more complicated turban head band (like month four) are both lightweight and seem to jazz up just about anything. Added bonus is that they covered her ears in the winter time! By her six month photo I had even found that fun giant bow that's also made out of jersey knit!

I've discovered that my best bet is to order solid color head bands. They match a variety of outfits and don't seem so overwhelming! 

Also, I love a deal. No surprise there, right? So almost all of these bows have been ordered for a fantastic price thru Jane.com. The premise of Jane is that they have a huge number of boutiques on hand that each list a particular item at a great price for just a day or two. By checking in to see if some of these bows are listed (they all routinely are!) you can grab them for a fraction of the cost!

 All in all, its great fun to find sweet little accessories for my gal. 
And I can't believe I'm saying that!

Want some specifics? Check out my shop links below!

jersey knit knotted headbands:
(purchased on Jane)

 jersey knit braided turban headbands:


(purchased on Jane)

large bow jersey knit headbands came from: 

  (purchased on Jane)

Month five white headband came from BabyGap.
Plain white headband from the baby accessories section at Hobby Lobby.

grey felt bow headband with nylon elastic came from
(purchased on Jane)

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