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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jake is four!!

Last weekend, my first baby turned four. 

Even days later, I'm still in disbelief that he's growing up this fast. Yesterday he went for his first stroll around the block on his new bicycle. Today, he's putting Lego kits (rated ages 5-12) together on his own. It's so much, y'all.  

And as smart as he is, his sweet heart is just as big. He loves everything and everyone with a passion and tenderness that I honestly attempt to emulate. Everyone is his best friend. Our pest control guy that he saw a single time gets brought up almost daily. That random girl at the park that he played with once? We talk about her over dinner all the time. The garbage man waits for him to walk outside the garage every Wednesday so he can honk his horn and wave at Jake. Seriously? Who else gets that kind of treatment?!

And he is excited about everything. Everything y'all. That infectious joy is so fun!

I'm so proud of how he's adjusted to becoming a big brother. Jake is crazy proud of his little sister (aren't we all!?) and never misses an opportunity to tell everyone about her. Their relationship just makes me melt!

 I just can't get past it. He's four. FOUR. 

Guy, slow this thing down. Stat.

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