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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

eliza {6 & 7 months!}

I can't even deal with how fast this baby is growing. I can't, y'all. 
Her perfect little self is the best ever addition to our family.

Height: 26 inches
Weight: About 15 pounds
Eats: Mostly still just nursing but we've introduced some purees and finger foods. She's a fan!
Sleeps: Naps three times a days and sleeps 11 hours at night.
 Loves: Playing peek-a-boo, snuggling, and bath time.
Hates: Being alone

I think I can almost officially say that both of my kiddos have inherited their Daddy's extroverted, overly friendly personality. I'm okay with it.

I think its been a pretty calm couple of months.
On the spina bifida front, we did find out in early February that Eliza has some spinal cysts that her neurosurgeons are watching. And I did lose my mind briefly over her 6 month developmental assessments {all of which you can read about over on Expecting Eliza}, but on the whole, we've just been rocking and rolling. Eliza is kicking butt in her therapies. She's still entirely too stubborn to roll from back to belly, though her therapist and I are both pretty convinced she could physically do it if she wanted to. And she's sitting better and better as her core gains more strength. We're cleared from Vanderbilt until early May!

I'm still waiting on my gal to pop out a few teeth, but we did have our first word just last night! Momma, of course!!
Two for two! Booyah, J.B.!

She's crazy about bath time! The water aids her movement so she can do more than ever while she's in the tub. And we love to watch her splash around!

And my confession? I'm already mentally planning her first birthday party...
{y'all know how I roll...}


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