H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

off to the races! {jake turns four!}

In accordance with the Wilder way, our newest four year old had a backyard bash this weekend! 75 and sunny!! It was a glorious day for a party!

As Hot Wheels are the best thing ever (at the moment) it was a race car themed party this year!
(Can I just say - what an awesomely fun and easy theme!!)
The kids had a blast! It's always nice when you can let them go nuts in a safe space. 

Probably one of the coolest aspects of the party was this incredible Pinewood Derby track that my brother built. I drew up some basic plans, bought supplies at Lowe's and he took it from there! 
We ordered Derby cards in bulk. Each of the kids decorated their own car (or two) and then set them up on the track to race over and over again!

I also created a kid sized race track for the kids to buzz thru. With cars made from paper boxes, they could gas up, fly thru the tunnel car wash, and then pass through the traffic light in a giant circle track in the yard.

These were way more of a hit than I ever anticipated. The "before" picture looks so tidy and peaceful, but I wish I had snagged a photo of the aftermath. They ran until they couldn't run anymore. And until the cars fell apart! It was a veritable junkyard by 5pm. 

And what's a party without a photo booth!? I made this race car spot out of super thin plywood and some 2x4 to brace it. I can't believe how easy it was to get the kids behind it for photo ops!

I made Jake's shirt using a freezer paper stenciling technique (and a $3 tshirt from Wal-Mart - more on that next week). And we had sweet little pit crew lanyards for the kids!

Add in a full tarp of Hot Wheels track and the always popular backyard tree house and we had ourselves a fantastic time!

I just love how much Jake uses his imagination and truly loves to play. His excitement paired with my fun loving nack for the creative makes his birthday party one of the highlights of my year!
(Though I really do need a year to recover and plan for the next one!)

Now I just have to warm up to the idea that I really do have a four year old...

For more on Jake's birthday parties, see...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jake is four!!

Last weekend, my first baby turned four. 

Even days later, I'm still in disbelief that he's growing up this fast. Yesterday he went for his first stroll around the block on his new bicycle. Today, he's putting Lego kits (rated ages 5-12) together on his own. It's so much, y'all.  

And as smart as he is, his sweet heart is just as big. He loves everything and everyone with a passion and tenderness that I honestly attempt to emulate. Everyone is his best friend. Our pest control guy that he saw a single time gets brought up almost daily. That random girl at the park that he played with once? We talk about her over dinner all the time. The garbage man waits for him to walk outside the garage every Wednesday so he can honk his horn and wave at Jake. Seriously? Who else gets that kind of treatment?!

And he is excited about everything. Everything y'all. That infectious joy is so fun!

I'm so proud of how he's adjusted to becoming a big brother. Jake is crazy proud of his little sister (aren't we all!?) and never misses an opportunity to tell everyone about her. Their relationship just makes me melt!

 I just can't get past it. He's four. FOUR. 

Guy, slow this thing down. Stat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

eliza {6 & 7 months!}

I can't even deal with how fast this baby is growing. I can't, y'all. 
Her perfect little self is the best ever addition to our family.

Height: 26 inches
Weight: About 15 pounds
Eats: Mostly still just nursing but we've introduced some purees and finger foods. She's a fan!
Sleeps: Naps three times a days and sleeps 11 hours at night.
 Loves: Playing peek-a-boo, snuggling, and bath time.
Hates: Being alone

I think I can almost officially say that both of my kiddos have inherited their Daddy's extroverted, overly friendly personality. I'm okay with it.

I think its been a pretty calm couple of months.
On the spina bifida front, we did find out in early February that Eliza has some spinal cysts that her neurosurgeons are watching. And I did lose my mind briefly over her 6 month developmental assessments {all of which you can read about over on Expecting Eliza}, but on the whole, we've just been rocking and rolling. Eliza is kicking butt in her therapies. She's still entirely too stubborn to roll from back to belly, though her therapist and I are both pretty convinced she could physically do it if she wanted to. And she's sitting better and better as her core gains more strength. We're cleared from Vanderbilt until early May!

I'm still waiting on my gal to pop out a few teeth, but we did have our first word just last night! Momma, of course!!
Two for two! Booyah, J.B.!

She's crazy about bath time! The water aids her movement so she can do more than ever while she's in the tub. And we love to watch her splash around!

And my confession? I'm already mentally planning her first birthday party...
{y'all know how I roll...}


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

queen of the hair bows

I know I had a few of you laughing at this post when you saw my over excess of hair bows and head bands. Who would have thought that I would be that mom?

When I first started taking Eliza's monthly pictures, I used whatever white hair bow I had on hand that fit her. After a couple of months, a different hair bow accidentally became a thing...

So now I have to come up with a few more white head bands to finish out the year. 
(Not a problem, guys.)

But I do get asked a lot about Eliza's sweet accessories - if I make them and where I get them. 
 So today I've decided to spill my secrets!

When Eliza was a newborn, baby head bands were too big for her itty bitty head. I also had to be sort of particular about what I put near her shunt area, which was still healing from surgery. I solved this problem with the tiniest of all tiny bows.

I nabbed several colors of these small ribbon bows in the scrapbook section. Yup, at the craft store. You can stick them directly on like I did on her one month photo (petroleum jelly or toothpaste are the old tricks of the trade) or add them to a super soft headband like I did in month two. My favorite headband material was panty hose! Crazy stretchy but still incredible soft. This is a super easy thing for anyone to craft up because all you need is a glue gun!

As time went on, I was less worried about her shunt site healing. Her little noggin was also finally big enough for some of the sweet headbands I had ordered!

Affectionately called her "Aunt Jemima" head bands, the jersey knit bows are some of my favorites. A simple knot (like month 3) or even a more complicated turban head band (like month four) are both lightweight and seem to jazz up just about anything. Added bonus is that they covered her ears in the winter time! By her six month photo I had even found that fun giant bow that's also made out of jersey knit!

I've discovered that my best bet is to order solid color head bands. They match a variety of outfits and don't seem so overwhelming! 

Also, I love a deal. No surprise there, right? So almost all of these bows have been ordered for a fantastic price thru Jane.com. The premise of Jane is that they have a huge number of boutiques on hand that each list a particular item at a great price for just a day or two. By checking in to see if some of these bows are listed (they all routinely are!) you can grab them for a fraction of the cost!

 All in all, its great fun to find sweet little accessories for my gal. 
And I can't believe I'm saying that!

Want some specifics? Check out my shop links below!

jersey knit knotted headbands:
(purchased on Jane)

 jersey knit braided turban headbands:


(purchased on Jane)

large bow jersey knit headbands came from: 

  (purchased on Jane)

Month five white headband came from BabyGap.
Plain white headband from the baby accessories section at Hobby Lobby.

grey felt bow headband with nylon elastic came from
(purchased on Jane)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

new in the print shop

Hi all! 
We've got a quite a busy weekend ahead of us {travel, wedding, adoption fundraiser, family outings, oh my!} but I wanted to drop in and let you know that there are some fun new prints in the shop!

So if you're looking for some home decor prints... 


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I love how affordable a digital print can be. You simply buy the listing, have the files sent you automatically, and then print in whatever way is easier for you (at home or using an office supply store). It's a great way to get those specially designed pieces for a great price!

So how about a flash sale! My weekend craziness is your gain. 
Use the code BUSYDAYSAHEAD to receive 30% off your order! That means you can snag some prints for about $2 each!