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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

currently {february}

Finished Orphan #8 in January (sad but good) and I'm on to The Plum Tree this month, hopefully! I've been so busy but I'm trying to stick with my "a book a month" goal!

Jake's birthday party! 
Y'all ought to know by now that party planning is in full swing. We love to invite a boatload of friends from church, school, and everywhere else so a DIY backyard party is our economic go-to.
 Start doing your good weather dance now! 
This year it's a race car party theme!
Previous parties: travel themed / train themed / construction themed

This year, I decided to do something special for Jake for Valentine's Day. For the entire month of February, I'm writing him a little love note telling him about a special reason why I love him. 
I let him pick out a little mailbox from the Target dollar spot and place it on the shelf outside his room. Y'all! It's the sweetest thing!  He gets so excited about checking "his mail" and reading the note together. 
And it's such a special moment for me to really be so thankful for my little love bug and everything that makes him wonderful. 

My curious almost four year old kid. 

This age has been such a neat phase that has kept J.B. and I on our toes constantly. 
Jake has the energy of ten kids and a mind like a hamster on some sort of speed. They say the average four year old asks 436 questions a day. I'd probably double that for Jake. But it has been so fun to try to turn all those questions into something to learn. YouTube is a big go-to around here for education questions like, "Mom, why is that beaver's teeth orange?" and "How many moons does Saturn have?" Because let's be real, I don't know. 

Right now his favorite thing is to watch orchestra performances on YouTube. Beethoven's 5th is the winner almost every morning during breakfast. Who doesn't love that? Haha!

Turning 30 on Sunday!
"What?! Sarah, you look so young and beautiful! You're aging so gracefully!" 

I know, right? Haha! 
What is it about these big birthdays that just blows your mind? Self reflection maybe? 
I really don't mind turning 30 the way that a lot of people do. In fact, I feel like I've earned getting the heck out of my twenties and maybe gaining a bit of respect. But it definitely does make me look at where I am in life and if I've really accomplished what I thought I would by this age.
College. Married. Two kiddos. In our first home. At this point, I've chosen my babies over a career. Or as my career as many would say. And I've become the mom to a special needs miracle. 
I still have a lot of time left hopefully, but I feel pretty good about life so far. 

Here's to the next thirty! 

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