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Friday, February 26, 2016

bandana bibs {tutorial}

It's hard to believe that my little gal is already big enough to be trying her first foods! 
It's pretty fun to watch her spit and giggle and grab and taste. Jake is especially entertained with her messiness, and my dogs are back in heaven as she tosses snacks down on the floor. 

Bibs used to be my arch nemesis. They are just hideous, y'all - all with stupid saying or ugly patterns. Finding a cute bib was the constant quest. But in recent years, these bandanna bibs have gotten insanely popular. Since they look pretty simple and I can choose my own cute fabric, I decided to give it a go!

If you have the most basic sewing equipment {machine, scissors, a few pins}, then you're good to go for this project. Bonus points if you already own or purchase a snap fastener. I grabbed one at Hobby Lobby for about $10.
No snap tool? No worries! You also have the option of simply sewing the snaps on. 

Grab yourself some cute cotton fabric and some flannel.
Start by cutting a 12" square out of your cute fabric. This square will make two bibs.
*Note: I have an itty bitty baby that just needs small bibs. Add a couple of inches for the larger kiddos* 

Now fold your fabric in half. Then in half again.

On the double folded side, cut along the edge. Start about an inch in from the edge and aim out towards the corner. 

Next, cut about an inch or so off the top corners

Unfold and you should have two triangles sets that very closely resemble bibs.

 Next, lay your cute fabric bibs face down onto your flannel. Pin to the fabric to the flannel and cut out the flannel to be the same size.
Now you're ready to sew. 

Sew around the outside edge of the bib. But make sure to leave a 2-3 inch gap.

Flip the bib right side out. Fold the your little 2-3 gap into the bib. 

Sew around the outside of the bib once again.

Bib is almost done. Time to add some snaps! You can sew a few on or use a quick tool. I can't say enough good things about my snap tool. Totally worth the buy!

Now quick! Find an adorable baby eating applesauce and attach your bib. Admire how cute it is, and what a great crafter you are!

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