H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Friday, February 26, 2016

bandana bibs {tutorial}

It's hard to believe that my little gal is already big enough to be trying her first foods! 
It's pretty fun to watch her spit and giggle and grab and taste. Jake is especially entertained with her messiness, and my dogs are back in heaven as she tosses snacks down on the floor. 

Bibs used to be my arch nemesis. They are just hideous, y'all - all with stupid saying or ugly patterns. Finding a cute bib was the constant quest. But in recent years, these bandanna bibs have gotten insanely popular. Since they look pretty simple and I can choose my own cute fabric, I decided to give it a go!

If you have the most basic sewing equipment {machine, scissors, a few pins}, then you're good to go for this project. Bonus points if you already own or purchase a snap fastener. I grabbed one at Hobby Lobby for about $10.
No snap tool? No worries! You also have the option of simply sewing the snaps on. 

Grab yourself some cute cotton fabric and some flannel.
Start by cutting a 12" square out of your cute fabric. This square will make two bibs.
*Note: I have an itty bitty baby that just needs small bibs. Add a couple of inches for the larger kiddos* 

Now fold your fabric in half. Then in half again.

On the double folded side, cut along the edge. Start about an inch in from the edge and aim out towards the corner. 

Next, cut about an inch or so off the top corners

Unfold and you should have two triangles sets that very closely resemble bibs.

 Next, lay your cute fabric bibs face down onto your flannel. Pin to the fabric to the flannel and cut out the flannel to be the same size.
Now you're ready to sew. 

Sew around the outside edge of the bib. But make sure to leave a 2-3 inch gap.

Flip the bib right side out. Fold the your little 2-3 gap into the bib. 

Sew around the outside of the bib once again.

Bib is almost done. Time to add some snaps! You can sew a few on or use a quick tool. I can't say enough good things about my snap tool. Totally worth the buy!

Now quick! Find an adorable baby eating applesauce and attach your bib. Admire how cute it is, and what a great crafter you are!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

diy headband organization

We've had a bit of a situation happening at our house for the last six months. 

It's wild and crazy and even a bit colorful. It's messy and disorganized and downright annoying sometimes. Its taking over and flowing it every available space! I'm at my wits end, y'all!
Naturally this epic disaster is one of gigantic proportions, right? It's life changing, surely?
Well, of course. 

It's headbands!

Oh, don't act so surprised. 
You've seen Eliza's turban dos and big jersey knit bows plastered all over Instagram. Now, how and when I actually became that mom, I have no answers for. I'm certainly not the over-girly type. But somehow, sweet, simply stretchy headbands became a way of life around here. 

And now they're threatening our very way of life. 
Okay, whatever, maybe that's a touch dramatic.

None the less, this headband mess needs a solution before we have to give it its own bedroom.

So I mulled over some ideas and scavenged the garage for supplies. My end result turned out just as I had planned! 

I used some old project wood that was already cut to the exact length I needed. 
Heck yeah!! 

Then I hot glued some small clothes pins to the wood. You could totally paint or decorate the wood. And also buy fancier clothes pins. 

But I really liked the simple rustic look of the plain wood and pins. 

From there, I organized my headbands and then put these bad boys on the wall. 

I'm so excited to be able to find just the accessory I want without a wild hunt. Or immense amounts of curse words being muttered under my breath. 

I made a couple more of these (because this is so not my entire headband collection) and put these on the wall in Eliza's closet. They could also make for a great wall display if you had a nice spot! 

I can't help but feel like I tamed the beast! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jake's preschool valentines

Over the years, Valentines for kiddos have become one of my favorite crafts. There are so many fun options out there that you can make all your own!

Since we aren't big on candy, I like to send some other kind of fun thing for Valentines. This year, my little minion went with me and pick out his own treats for his friends. I have to say, I like his style...

These are just so Jake!

We nabbed a twelve pack of these fun glasses for only $3.

And then I whipped up a quick paper to tie them to. Nothing fancy here!

I punched a couple of tiny holes in the paper and tied the glasses on with some baker's twine.

And bada-bing! Valentines are done! Loving these!

Need more tiny tike Valentine ideas?
Check out Jake's Goldfish valentines and Jake's animal cracker valentines from previous years!

Monday, February 8, 2016

toddler art tuesday {#15}

It's been quite awhile since our last edition of Toddler Art Tuesdays! Jake does a lot of arts and crafts at school and has gotten into quite a rhythm at home of watercolors, crayons or colored pencils. 

Definitely time for a new project or two!


We elected to make these fun thumbprint bookmarks as a Valentine's Day present for a few of Jake's favorite folks.

He is a huge fan of using the ink pads and stamps!

I started with just a cut of white paper. We added three sets of thumbprints to look like hearts.

Then I got fancy and scalloped the edges before mounting them to some red construction paper. We wrote some special messages on the back and had Jake sign his name.
I sealed the bookmarks in contact paper to keep it from tearing up. And then punched a hole for a ribbon. I think they turned out so cute!

And since this kiddo loves to paint, I decided it was a good time to break out the real paints. For this project, we did a contrast painting using Q-tips as brushes.

I started with a piece of card stock and a heart cut out (from plain old paper).

The heart cut out when on top with a little piece of tape, and then I told Jake to dab away with those Q-tips.
This is a great project that you really can't mess up. The end result is always beautiful!

It was nice to get back into the swing of some of our own fun little projects!

 Want to check out more of Jake's fun toddler art? Click on the image below!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

currently {february}

Finished Orphan #8 in January (sad but good) and I'm on to The Plum Tree this month, hopefully! I've been so busy but I'm trying to stick with my "a book a month" goal!

Jake's birthday party! 
Y'all ought to know by now that party planning is in full swing. We love to invite a boatload of friends from church, school, and everywhere else so a DIY backyard party is our economic go-to.
 Start doing your good weather dance now! 
This year it's a race car party theme!
Previous parties: travel themed / train themed / construction themed

This year, I decided to do something special for Jake for Valentine's Day. For the entire month of February, I'm writing him a little love note telling him about a special reason why I love him. 
I let him pick out a little mailbox from the Target dollar spot and place it on the shelf outside his room. Y'all! It's the sweetest thing!  He gets so excited about checking "his mail" and reading the note together. 
And it's such a special moment for me to really be so thankful for my little love bug and everything that makes him wonderful. 

My curious almost four year old kid. 

This age has been such a neat phase that has kept J.B. and I on our toes constantly. 
Jake has the energy of ten kids and a mind like a hamster on some sort of speed. They say the average four year old asks 436 questions a day. I'd probably double that for Jake. But it has been so fun to try to turn all those questions into something to learn. YouTube is a big go-to around here for education questions like, "Mom, why is that beaver's teeth orange?" and "How many moons does Saturn have?" Because let's be real, I don't know. 

Right now his favorite thing is to watch orchestra performances on YouTube. Beethoven's 5th is the winner almost every morning during breakfast. Who doesn't love that? Haha!

Turning 30 on Sunday!
"What?! Sarah, you look so young and beautiful! You're aging so gracefully!" 

I know, right? Haha! 
What is it about these big birthdays that just blows your mind? Self reflection maybe? 
I really don't mind turning 30 the way that a lot of people do. In fact, I feel like I've earned getting the heck out of my twenties and maybe gaining a bit of respect. But it definitely does make me look at where I am in life and if I've really accomplished what I thought I would by this age.
College. Married. Two kiddos. In our first home. At this point, I've chosen my babies over a career. Or as my career as many would say. And I've become the mom to a special needs miracle. 
I still have a lot of time left hopefully, but I feel pretty good about life so far. 

Here's to the next thirty!