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Saturday, January 30, 2016

the kitchen {restyled}

I mentioned in this post that I got a Keurig for Christmas. Fun, right? Well what I didn't mention is that the addition of one simple thing to my kitchen was a game changer for everything else. 

Ever read the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books?
{Moose a Muffin, Pig a Pancake, Cat a Cupcake - they're all so fun!}
Well, the premise of those fun books is this: one small, small silly act leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another. And before long, you're in way over your head. 
That's kind of what happened in my kitchen. 
I couldn't just put the Keurig on the counter because where would the breadbox go? And then if I moved the breadbox, where would the cutting boards move to? And now does the garland really match? And what about that decorative frame?
{My head is a scary place, you guys...}

So before my k-cup addiction could be in full swing, I knew I'd want to sort out my kitchen so that everything was in its place. The result? A restyled kitchen!

So come on in...

I started with some new styling on this bookshelf in the breakfast area.

 And then jumped over onto the items on the kitchen counters.

On the counters, I used the far corner space for my Kuerig and some mugs. 
In front of the window, there's a little handmade tray with pitchers holding my utensils. I also love the little cement pots and succulents. {They're fabulous fakes from Target!}


Farther down are some decorative cutting boards, nik-nacks, and my lovely old recipe tin. 
{more about my recipe tin HERE
And then in the other corner are my knives and my iPad.
{because Pinterest access and tunes in the kitchen are mandatory}

I posted earlier this week about my new farmhouse sign
It's hanging proudly above that old window. 
On the far wall, I switched out the chalkboard sign for a decorative shelf. 
{Cup Runneth Over print can be found in the print shop - HERE!}

My favorite thing about all of this? It cost me virtually nothing!
It's so nice to shop my own decor closets and shift a few things around for a fresh look. I almost feel like I have a whole new kitchen!

{with k-cups, of course}

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