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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

homebrew cafe mocha {recipe}

Shew, y'all. I feel like this post is the culmination of so many things. 

The good: I got a Keurig for Christmas and am now k-cup obsessed! 
The bad: The downstairs heat is out in our house. It's so cold down there. And the fix later this week is an expensive one. Boo!
The good: Alabama won the National Championship last night! Roll Tide! 
The bad: I stayed up waaaay past by bedtime to watch the game and then was woken up early by two little minions this morning. 

Suffice it to say, the perfection of this homemade recipe couldn't come at a better time.
Bring on all the coffee! 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a hardened coffee drinker. I like my coffee really sweet and preferably chocolately. 
Upon further review, I think everything in life is better with chocolate... 

So my coffee drink of choice is usually an iced mocha or a mocha latte. Grabbing one of these from Starbucks is a great treat, but by no means something that I can afford do every day. Or logistically pull off with two small kids. 
Cue my lovely surprise Keurig for Christmas! Now I'm diving into the world of k-cups and quick, easy coffee recipes while still at home in my sweatpants.

My experimenting has finally produced a perfected mocha coffee recipe. Think coffee plus hot chocolate! Yum!! And just in time to warm my toes on this ice-cold-ain't-got-no-heat floor.

Start with two heaping spoonfuls of hot cocoa mix in your mug.
Three if you're like me, the sweet the better!

Add four ounces of coffee. That's the smallest brew option on my Keurig. If you're using a traditional coffee pot, call it half a mug and just make it strong.

Top up with milk (preferably warm) and stir!

Go ahead and give it a taste test! 
Feel free experiment on your own by adding or subtracting cocoa mix. Or maybe try a special coffee blend you like.

Then, if you're really committed, add in a jumbo marshmallow! 
JetPuff makes these fabulous giant versions!

The perfect warm cafe mocha for a cold and sleepy momma!

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