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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas goodie bags for the kiddos

Shew! Christmas break is coming up quickly and the few days of school are upon us.
 Need an idea for a simple, creative {and yummy!} goodie bag to send out? 

Check out the candy reindeer noses that Jake's classmates took home after their Christmas party today. 

Easiest goody bags ever! And so cute, right?! You only need a couple of things for these...

I went to Target in search of the proper candies and found exactly what I wanted. These milk chocolate caramels and cherry sours right next to each other. How perfect!
The cherry sours really aren't very sour and no peanuts for the allergy kiddos. Yay!

Eight to ten "regular" reindeer noses and one Rudolph nose went into each bag. I tied them off with some strong and these cute little tags. 
Snag your own free copy of my tags HERE.


Thankfully, I made an extra bag so Jake could take one home.
 Ours were goobled up immediately!


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