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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a real Christmas tree!

For years now, I've been dying to have a real Christmas tree. 
It's so festive, right? The evergreen smell, the beautiful branches, the trip to the tree farm. What's more holly jolly than that?
But in previous years, all the what-ifs and messy aspects of a real tree have held me back.
What about the mess of needles? What about bugs? The sap? And watering? What about the fire hazard? Oh, and I have a fake tree in the garage that costs me zero dollars to put up, so there's that.

This year, I'm learning to let go more and more. I finally said "to heck with it!" and gave in to trying something new. So the day after Thanksgiving, the Wilders were off to the tree farm. 
 I'd  read a couple of reviews of local places and settled on Thornton Farms. It seemed like a bit more than just a place to pick a tree and I thought a fun family day on the farm would be the way to go.

Two thumbs way up! They had a tractor train, a corn pit, an animal petting area, and free hot cocoa!
Not to mention, nestled deep in the rows of trees, you just happened upon Santa and Ms. Claus. How magical is that?! 

After perusing all the trees, we found the perfect cedar to take home with us. Jake even got to help cut it down. The outing ended up being a ton of fun and could easily become a favorite Christmas tradition!

Ultimately, the our first real Christmas tree has been great! The cedar doesn't really shed needles like some other varieties. And I'm loving the full tree and subtle, authentic smell! So my new advice? 
Go for the real tree!!

This kiddo has already written his letter to Santa and his momma needs to get her act together and wrap some goodies for under the tree!

Come on Christmas!

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