H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 {a year in review!}

I absolutely cannot believe that 2015 is coming to an end! A year ago, I vaguely remember trying to envision what my life would look like now. I couldn't fathom the idea that I'd have a four month old! 
But here we are with a four month old and boy, has it ever been a whirlwind year! An amazing whirlwind that is! 

Last year I recapped with your top projects, posts and recipes throughout the year. It was a lot of fun to look back at the favorites! So let's go for it again!


In January I revealed a newly styled downstairs bathroom. 
Now affectionately called "the W bathroom".


In February, I created a spot on the back of Jake's door to display all of his super awesome art projects.


In March, we went all out for Jake's third birthday! It was a backyard party with a full on construction theme! So much fun!


In April, I showed you guys these great wood burning coasters that I made for my brother and sister in law. Such a neat and easy project!


In May, I made this custom directional sign for my mom's garden. It was a huge hit!!


In June, I shared the finishing touches of Eliza's nursery. My very favorite room in the house!


In July I was super pregnant and most definitely ate my weight in brownie crusted cheesecake!


This lady was born in August!!!
// check out the original post HERE //


In September, we were finishing out our time in the Vanderbilt NICU and I whipped up this sweet felt garland for our gal's hopsital bed. Brightened up the place so well!


In October I post about the changes to the guest bath. And finally, all my bathrooms are just as I want them! 


These twig wreath place cards marked our Thanksgiving this November. And let's be honest, they'll go with about any holiday!


And just this month, I shared with you guys what my very favorite custom gift is! Did you nab one yet?!

Shew! What a fun year! Thanks to all of you for hanging with me through 2015! 
Cheers to another year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas goodie bags for the kiddos

Shew! Christmas break is coming up quickly and the few days of school are upon us.
 Need an idea for a simple, creative {and yummy!} goodie bag to send out? 

Check out the candy reindeer noses that Jake's classmates took home after their Christmas party today. 

Easiest goody bags ever! And so cute, right?! You only need a couple of things for these...

I went to Target in search of the proper candies and found exactly what I wanted. These milk chocolate caramels and cherry sours right next to each other. How perfect!
The cherry sours really aren't very sour and no peanuts for the allergy kiddos. Yay!

Eight to ten "regular" reindeer noses and one Rudolph nose went into each bag. I tied them off with some strong and these cute little tags. 
Snag your own free copy of my tags HERE.


Thankfully, I made an extra bag so Jake could take one home.
 Ours were goobled up immediately!


Monday, December 14, 2015

the boy who lost his name {gift idea}

This gift is definitely going to be one of my favorites to give this year.

Have you heard of these beloved books? I'd caught small snippets about them here and there, but when a fellow mom officially said "Go look, you'll love it!", I had to jump on the website and see what it was all about it. 
And guess what? She was right. I loved it


So what is this book all about? Well, the back story goes something like this: A few dads got together to make personalized story books for their kids, with their own names and characters. The sweet idea blossomed into a creative business. Now the Lost My Name company tailor makes a magical, personalized book based on your child's name! You order online, giving them the exact spelling. Then you're asked to choose the character that best resembles your child. They create the entire book for you in seconds. You can read through every page before ordering. 

The story is based on a child that lost his/her name and goes on an courageous adventure to find it. He/she meets a variety of magical creatures along the way that each give them a letter of their name.


The illustrations are gorgeous!
One of the smart aspects that I love about this is that there are multiple varieties of each letter. Say, for example, you have a Jesse and a Jessica and would like to order a book for each kiddo. They'll offer alternative characters for each duplicate letter, so there is no overlap in a single story and also even with the two different tales. 


Final bonus? You get to write the dedication! I didn't know this until I was ordering, and I felt so much pressure! A book dedication for Jake? How fancy!
I'm so excited for Jake to read his story. So much so that I also ordered books for my niece and nephew for their birthdays in January. There's just something so special about a unique and personalized gift.


Interested? Have I convinced you to nab one of these sweet beauties? According to their website, if you order now, you can still get your book in time for Christmas! Wowza!

Head over to Lost My Name to preview a book of your own!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

christmas gift list {free printable!}

Tis the season to be stressed. 
Ouch. Sometimes, right?

If you're anything like me, Christmas seems to bring a billion wonderful things to do and approximately five minutes to accomplish it all. It's a busy, blustery blur at times and can even be a bit overwhelming.

But one of my favorite things to do is to shop for my people. I love my people. And I love spoiling them. Seriously, is there anything better than giving a gift?! With friends, family and even teachers, we have a lot of awesome folks to buy for and, as always, I've gone to get it all done on a budget.  
Can I get an amen?
So how does this busy, blustery, people loving, gift giving gal get it all done? Well, of course, because I'm a giant nerd, my answer to everything is organization! 
Today I have a gift for you.
A Christmas shopping list!


A Christmas shopping list always helps keep me focused on exactly what I've already purchased and what I'm still on the hunt for. Included on this list is a place for a name, gifts, your budget, and (the best part) a place to check it off when you're done.
Download a free copy of my Christmas gift list { HERE } to use to keep yourself organized this year!

And happy hunting for that perfect item!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a real Christmas tree!

For years now, I've been dying to have a real Christmas tree. 
It's so festive, right? The evergreen smell, the beautiful branches, the trip to the tree farm. What's more holly jolly than that?
But in previous years, all the what-ifs and messy aspects of a real tree have held me back.
What about the mess of needles? What about bugs? The sap? And watering? What about the fire hazard? Oh, and I have a fake tree in the garage that costs me zero dollars to put up, so there's that.

This year, I'm learning to let go more and more. I finally said "to heck with it!" and gave in to trying something new. So the day after Thanksgiving, the Wilders were off to the tree farm. 
 I'd  read a couple of reviews of local places and settled on Thornton Farms. It seemed like a bit more than just a place to pick a tree and I thought a fun family day on the farm would be the way to go.

Two thumbs way up! They had a tractor train, a corn pit, an animal petting area, and free hot cocoa!
Not to mention, nestled deep in the rows of trees, you just happened upon Santa and Ms. Claus. How magical is that?! 

After perusing all the trees, we found the perfect cedar to take home with us. Jake even got to help cut it down. The outing ended up being a ton of fun and could easily become a favorite Christmas tradition!

Ultimately, the our first real Christmas tree has been great! The cedar doesn't really shed needles like some other varieties. And I'm loving the full tree and subtle, authentic smell! So my new advice? 
Go for the real tree!!

This kiddo has already written his letter to Santa and his momma needs to get her act together and wrap some goodies for under the tree!

Come on Christmas!