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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Wilder Wild West Halloween

Another Halloween in the books, y'all!
I swear this is one of my favorite family holidays. It's the perfect excuse for J.B. and I to dress up like the kids and have tons of fun. Plus, a diy project. Can't beat that!

This year, we went with a cowboys and indians theme. 
It was the perfect mix of "things to buy" and "things to make".

My boys wore jeans, shirts and boots that they already owned. 
Then I purchased cowboy hats, navy bandannas, sheriff's badges, and western guns for each of them. 
Finally, I made them each a pair of chaps from some cheap suede. I used this tutorial and it actually turned out to be quite simple since the suede didn't fray {so no hemming}

Eliza and I were a bit more work. I died a white shirt and a white onesie into this tan color. Then I created a quick fringe skirt out of a brown jersey knit fabric. The same jersey knit was used for some armbands and anklebands for each of us as well. What made of all that so simple is that the jersey knit doesn't have to be hemmed or even fitted perfectly since it stretches. 
Eliza got some brown baby legs {my tutorial HERE} to keep her warm. I had every intention of wearing brown tights or leggings under my skirt, but the weather was so great that I did without! I already owned a pair of brown suede wedge booties that matched perfectly so the final piece was a quick ribbon/feather headdress for each of us. 
It wasn't until we were walking out the door to our church's festival that I realized I already owned a great aztec print sling wrap that would match our outfits. So I carried Eliza around in that. She was the perfect papoose! 

I think I spent more time shopping around for the right guns/hats/fabric/etc than I did actually making all of the outfits. I definitely consider that a Halloween win!

And goodness, Jake loved being a sheriff! I wasn't completely sure he'd go for it quite as much as some cheapo costume of one of his favorite cartoon characters but he was totally on board. He loved telling our neighbors "Trick or treat! Reach for the sky!"

This year, we enjoyed our church's huge and ever fabulous Light the Night festival, a super cute preschool party day, trick or treating at family's houses, and carivaning around our own neighborhood. Halloween lasted about a week at the Wilder house this year and Jake adored every second of it! He's at such a fun age!

I hope your holiday was extra fun!

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