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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

downstairs bathroom makeover

When is the best time to redecorate a bathroom? 
If your answer is "when you're 38 weeks pregnant", then winner winner chicken dinner

Yup, I got a whim at the beginning of August. Great timing, eh?
I'd love to use the "I was a crazy-pregnant-lady" excuse, but let's be honest. I'm that crazy lady, pregnant or not. Once I get an idea in my head, it's getting done. 
Thankfully this little stunt was pulled off in just one day and Eliza didn't have to be delivered in the bathtub. Crisis averted. 

And does it look familiar? It should. This little downstairs bath has gotten a couple of quick makeovers in the time we've lived here, but I can't say that I've ever felt like we got it just right. Until now!

(Sorry for the less than phenomenal photos. This is our "tornado bathroom" in the downstairs, center of the house. So no natural light. Whomp whomp.) 

The wall color is Valspar's "Frappe" and my very favorite greige (grey beige).
I went minimal with the whole thing and just stuck to clean neutrals. I know, I know, but those clean neutrals are my jam. Everything feels so light and uncluttered!
White linens, brown accents, and a tiny hint of that watery turquoise. 

I nabbed the wire/wooden shelf from Hobby Lobby and added couple touches that I had around the house.

In the almost six years that we've lived here, I think I can finally say that I'm really happy with this bathroom! Hurrah! 

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