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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

currently {october}

Maybe its the whole two kids thing. Maybe its just a parent of a newborn thing. Maybe its just a "me" thing at the moment. Regardless, I'm sad to report that my brain has turned into absolute mush.
This too shall pass. I have a feeling that once we mellow into October, we'll be finding a routine. Routines are my best friend and, surely, they will return the solidarity of my brain.
For those of you that are new to this, think of it like a coffee date. I'm having an iced mocha with two extra shots of mocha {because I'm 15% adult and 85% child, apparently}.
Here's what's up with me:

The weather! It's cool that we start our chat by talking about the weather, right? Consider it an ice breaker.
Look, when you live in a place that has four very true seasons, the weather is a legitimately popular thing to talk about. Around here, we're over the humidity and the sweat on your forehead after exactly seven seconds outside. By this time of year, we welcome fall with open arms.
And holy cow, October in Alabama is the best. 75 and sunny most days. 
Crispy leaves starting to fall. No more grass mowing. SEC Football in all its glorious obnoxiousness. Pumpkin patches everywhere.

This kid started back to school and got to have his first field trip all in the same week. 
We made it a family affair and the four of us had a great day with Jake's preschool at Lyon Farms.

Y'all know that homemade, family coordinated costumes are my jam.
Unfortunately, I'm getting a bit of a late start this year {as in, I haven't yet}. But supplies are on my dining room table and a super great idea is in my head. I have three weeks to prep some costumes before our first Halloween event. Until then, let me distract you with this cuteness of years past...
Costumes of  2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014

 A family vacay! 
A serious family vacation that includes the four of us, my parents, my younger brother and his wife. 
Backstory: When I was a kid, we used to vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama each summer. This sweet lady in my dad's church offered us a week at her beach side condo every August. So for some 20 odd years, that was our family trip. 
Obviously us kids grew up and I think that sweet lady finally sold her little spot on the beach. Its been about ten years since we've seen the place. But back in May, the family was sitting around discussing how we needed to throw a group trip together and that going back to Gulf Shores would be fun. A little googling and some property rental booking and boom, condo #326 is ours again!
The same condo! Yes, its been totally updated {umm, thank goodness!} but its the exact same spot that we spent so many family summers. 


It should prove to be an interesting adventure with a newborn, but we're excited about Eliza's first trip, a little beach time, and enjoying the Gulf Coast Shrimp Festival!

I'm not superstitious so I'm willing to share this without the need to knock on wood or do a double-jinx-back chant. 
Because this lady is sleeping through the night!

{From our baby dedication at church Sunday. She has clearly been getting right with Jesus!}

That's right! At the ripe age of 7 weeks, we have a champion eater and sleeper. 
In all honestly, I'm freaking out about how fast time is seeming to pass and hold old she is. I've barely got my brain wrapped around the fact that she's here and boom, she basically grows up on me. Quit it, Eliza. Quit it right now.

Well, the sleeping part is cool. You don't have to quit that, girlfriend...

So maybe I'm a little bit behind on my reading list. Maybe I bought this book in June. Maybe I thought for sure that I'd read it while sitting around the NICU in August. Maybe I thought I'd crack the cover during my many hours of breastfeeding or pumping here lately. Maybe I have plans to take it to the beach. 


Regardless, this is the book on my nightstand. I know its good. I just know it is. Y'all cheer me on and surely I'll get back to reading on the regular again.

So that's the latest around here. Better get back to it!
I'm pretty sure someone needs to be fed or changed or played with.  Happily obliging!

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