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Sunday, September 13, 2015

one month old! {eliza}

A month old! What?! Someone explain to me how this is possible. I can only assume a Delorean and Doc Brown were involved because I have no other idea how quickly time has passed. 

So let's get down to it. 
Sweet Eliza is simply the best baby on planet Earth. She sleeps like a rock, eats like a champion, and snuggles like the coziest little butterball there ever was. 
{I could also add that she grunts like a goat, burps like a thirteen year old boy, and is by far the gassiest member of our family... but I guess I shouldn't mention those things for fear of ruining her ladylike reputation.}

She had her first spina bifida clinic day at Vanderbilt yesterday and left the building with positive reports from all of her specialists. The incisions from her closure surgery and shunt surgery all look great and everything is working as it's supposed to. And she has no need for medicine, additional surgeries, or leg/foot braces to combat any spina bifida issues at this time. She was cleared to be a "normal baby" for three more months! 

So the basics... 

Weight: 8.5 lbs
Height: 21 inches 
Eats: Just breastmilk, but like a boss. 
Sleeps: On four hour rotations, which isn't half bad at this age. Still on her belly for the most part. 
Favorite things: Snuggling! Girlfriend is as cozy as they come and would much rather nestle into you than her darn bed. A warm bath is a close second to being snuggled. And she also seems to really enjoy her Mamaroo swing. 
Hates: Clothing changes and being hungry. Those are basically the only things that have her crying, which is a rare act. 

All in all, Eliza's first month has most definitely been a roller coaster. But from weeks in the NICU to settling in at home, she's proven herself to be resilient, even-tempered and positively adorable.

What more could a mom ask for?? 

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