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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

diy nursing pads {tutorial}

So I realize that this post may not really apply to all readers.
But y'all know me, gotta always share what I'm up to.

I hate disposable nursing pads. Hate them. I think they're thick and ill-shaped and a waste of money.
I also hate having a newborn and looking like I just entered a wet tshirt contest. 

So I decided to make myself some washable nursing pads for cheap. 
I nabbed some $3 flannel and went to work.

To get started, you have to figure out two things: how many sets of nursing pads you'd like and what thickness you need. I decided to make six sets {so a total of 12 pads}. And I decided to use two pieces of flannel per pad {relatively thin}.

That means I need to cut a total of 24 flannel circles. When it comes to cutting out a bunch of circles, I'd recommend folding the fabric over a few times. I drew six circle and folded up four layers per circle. 

Then pin two circles together. And sew.

I did a zigzag stitch around the outside of the two flannel circles.

Then just trimmed the threads and edges. 

I've been super pleased with these! They contour without the need for darts in them and they are super lightweight. Two thumbs up!

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