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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

diy felt garland {tutorial}

We are so glad to finally be settling in at home with our newest little addition.

 As I'm slowing weeding through some emails and getting back to "normal" life {as a mom of two little critters now!} I'm so grateful for all of your kind words of encouragement and congratulations. Eliza is an amazing little girl and we are so thrilled to have her. 

Thank you for following along with us over at Expecting Eliza too! One of the many questions I got this week was about her bassinet in the NICU. So today I though I'd pop back in and give a quick how-to for that sweet little garland that decked out her tiny hospital space. 

This garland is great for all kinds of projects. And completely customizable as far as the shape, color, size and length! I choose do use hearts in the colors of her nursery because I'm matchy-matchy like that... 

You can grab your felt and cut your own shapes completely freehand if you like. Or even use a pattern to trace them onto the felt sheet and then cut them out. But I can be messy and I wanted these to be just right (and not have any of my own wacky tracing lines on them)

I printed out some quick hearts on freezer paper then ironed the freezer paper right to the felt.  

Once you cut out the hearts, the freezer paper pattern just peels right off. 

I also did the same with the letters. 
Using printed letters definitely made these better looking than if I had freehanded them...
 {or "freecut" - is that a thing?}

Last, you run the shapes or letters through the sewing machine in a row to hold them all together in that fancy garland style.
This little project has so many options for any occasion, so its an awesome catch-all.
I ran this garland around her NICU crib to jazz up the space a little. 
It was the sweetest. 


Sweet baby. 
Eliza is such an incredible girl- sleeps great, eats great, gives gassy grins to one and all. 
We're so thrilled to have her home!

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