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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

all about Jake {3 1/2}

This guy has allowed a lot of attention to be devoted to his sweet little sister lately. He knows that she'll have cute monthly pictures and updates and he's okay with that. But he'd also like me to remind you that's he's 3 1/2 now and pretty stinkin' awesome.

While we were at Vanderbilt with Eliza, this sweet thing got to stay with his grandparents. There was endless spoiling and always a playmate so he was happy as a clam. But we were really excited when they all came up to Nashville to visit us. My parents would get their own hotel room and Jake got to bunk in with J.B. and I at the Ronald McDonald House. He loved it there!

Jake wasn't old enough to see Eliza in the NICU so he had to stay in the other parts of the hospital with someone while the rest of us were upstairs. My heart just melted when he'd ask various doctor's and nurses to bring his baby sister down.  

But his day did finally come to meet his sister once we were released. 
And he's been doting on his sweet little sister ever since.

He's been such a great help around the house. And has been incredibly patient with all the "shh"ing and constant running around to his sister's appointments. The perfect big brother!

And gosh, he's growing up so fast!!

He's still the ultimate jabber jay, with a vocabulary as big as the sky! And I adore his imagination! He tells the best stories and makes up the funniest games. It's going to be so fun to see where all this personality takes him.

And he's sweet. Gosh, he's sweet. His tender little heart is such a kind reminder to me of just how gentle some spirits are. I hope he never loses that tender part of him. 

As far as the every day stuff... 
He's doing much better with eating pretty much anything you put in front of him. He still isn't a big fan of meat, but will usually try it. 
He's around the 50th percentile in growth so perfectly average in size. His pediatrician estimates he'll be around 5'10" when he's fully grown. 
He still sleeps pretty well. Getting him to chill out enough to actually sleep in the big task, but after that, he'll sleep 11-12 hours at night and take a two hour nap each day. So yay for that!
 He's in the beginning stages of learning to read - knows his letters and their sounds. He's just trying to put them all together.
He still loves Thomas the Train more than anything else, but has expanded his horizons to construction trucks and animals too. He's big on books, being outside in his tree house, and playing pretend constantly. He loves to have music playing at all times and is known to bust a pretty sweet move of his own.

And now that life has settled a little bit, Jake got to head to school again. He goes to our church's Mom's Morning Out preschool three days a week and absolutely loves it! 
I love that he has something to keep him busy and active several days a week, without keeping him away from his crazy momma too much.

Love watching this little one grow and learn!

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