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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

toddler art tuesday {#14}


Probably our last only-child Toddler Art Tuesday post! What???
It's pretty fun to watch Jake get more and more coordinated and be able to do more things. But a sweet little baby joining us at the table in a couple of months sounds awesome too. I miss those chubby little hands splattering in the paint!

Jake was totally into this one! Probably the combination of paint, rolling marbles and getting the shake the pan all by himself. What's not for a three year old to love??

I used washable paints and one of my cooking pans. 
{A box lid would probably have been better, but I couldn't find one}

I used a piece of thick cardstock paper so the paint would absorb a little better. 
Also, I figure there are about 238792 ways you can do this. Maybe coat your marbles in paint first? But I just stuck a couple of dabs on the paper itself and let the rolling marbles disperse it. 

Jake loved rolling the marbles back and forth!

Obviously this creates a crazy looking pattern on the paper depending on your colors and whatnot. 

Daddy got the copy of this one for his office!

I seriously have no idea what it is about stamping things, but holy obsession! Jake would spend hours and hours stamping everything we owned if I let him. 

I found this little thumb print set in a local kid's shop. They had several varieties {princess, fairy tales, dragons, etc} but I went with the more general kid. It basically comes with a couple of stamp pads, a set of small colored pencils, and a few stamps. They also have a set of patterns to show you how to make different creatures with your thumb prints!

He. went. nuts. for. this. 

Let me just say that neither of these projects were incredible time consuming or expensive. And they aren't crazy complicated as far as kiddo crafts. That's just not always a necessity when it comes to doing projects around our house. 

My main goal with the Jake's little art posts is to keep him busy and creating. I always want his brain working hard to dream big and know that he can do whatever he wants. Music and art are such amazing ways to expand any kiddo! 

So don't brush it off if you aren't a "crafty parent". No experience necessary! Just keep these kiddos dreaming and creating!

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