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Thursday, July 16, 2015

the sweetest little dolls

In all my scouring for fun little girl ideas, I happened on some photos of the sweetest handmade dolls for sale on Etsy. It reminded me so much of how I was obsessed with my own handmade dolly when I was a little girl and I was 100% certain that Eliza needed a doll or two. But I surely wasn't going to drop any serious cash on a project that I thought I could make myself {and would so love to create for my own daughter!}.

Did I say a doll or two? I meant four, haha.

I purchased this great pattern/tutorial from You Can Make This and was thrilled with the walk thru. The purchase includes the pattern pieces and also a very thorough step by step tutorial. Remember I'm no master seamstress! The first doll definitely had a bit of a learning curve and took me around three hours. But by doll two and three, I was rocking and rolling. My project time was cut down to about 2 hours each from start to finish.

I carefully selected some sweet fabrics for the dolls' outfits and had a great time "dressing" them, imagining what she might name each of them someday. 
Cost-wise, I spent about $40-$50 total on all four dolls. Easily the cost of just one online!

For now, they're all sitting in various places to decorate my gal's nursery.
I'm so excited for the day that she'll nab these sweeties off the shelf to play with!

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